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5 Tips That Can Help You To Manage Work After Marriage

A girl’s life is never the same after marriage. Marriage comes with a lot of responsibility for a new relationship, new home, your in-laws and your husband.

If you are a working woman like many others, you must have felt the pressure even before the actual marriage.

Marriage is surely a beautiful journey in itself but there are setbacks which can hamper your day to day lives including an imbalance in work and private life, your relationship with yourself, etc.

In this article, we try and suggest you some tips that can work if you are getting married or a newlywed bride.

1. Schedule And Plan

This might sound like an old school teacher, planning and scheduling never go out of style. If you and your husband’s work schedule is different, planning plays a major role in your life.

Start with one week at a time and coordinate with your husband. Married and settled doesn’t mean that you can’t go on dates or have a movie might to yourself?

You can plan every weekend according to your events such as meeting your parents, catching up with old friends or even a weekend getaway works just fine.

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You will see in the long run of life, scheduling and planning have kept you on track and you won’t miss the important events of your near and dear ones.

2. Be An Early Riser

We cannot emphasize enough, how your life will take a good 360-degree change with bringing just one change. Waking up early ensures you that your day will be full of productivity.

Also before you actually go to work, there is plenty other work you could finish such as exercise, breakfast, laundry, etc.

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An early riser is far more enthusiastic as compared to a person who lay in the bed till late. Also, morning is the best time to exercise which is a good start for your busy day.

A morning person brain functions better and has a positive outlook towards the situation. It is essentially great for your mental and physical well-being.

3. Try Not To Bring Work Home

With the world getting so competitive, we tend to overwork and exhaust our self. Sure you work for a better future, but in that race, you are forgetting your today’s life.

If you work till late, past your work time, it will hamper your home and private life. Bringing work home means you are not getting time with your family, and trust us, those moments will not come later.

Life is a beautiful gift, live in the moment and cherish every second of it.

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There will a lot of opportunities for you in the future to build your career. Give time to your husband, your in-laws, get to know them.

Also, this doesn’t mean that you should leave your ambition and be a home-body. There is no such as a perfect life, but by trying to get that work-life balance is the key to a better life and bringing work home will only create chaos and irritability.

4. Don’t Be A Control Freak

If you like things in a certain way, don’t impose this on others surrounding you. This can create friction between you and your in-laws and even before building a rapport with them, you will get far away from them.

There are ways you can handle this situation, for e.g. if you like spending your Sunday doing nothing, try and incorporate your mother-in-law with you. This will not only let you spend the Sunday as you want but you will get to know her more.

Meditating and yoga can help in this process. Try spending at least  30 minutes to yourself either jog, walk or do yoga for internal peace for your mind, body, and soul.

5. Ask Or Help

Coming to the last point and the most crucial of all, don’t hesitate to ask! Assuming and believing can lead to a lot of misunderstanding. Communication is key to any relationship.

Marriage is between two people who understand each other without any words but sometimes it is easier to just ask for help if you need. Again don’t overwork, it can exhaust you and leave you with no room for yourself.

If your husband is a foodie and you aren’t into cooking, ask your mom or your mother-in-law for the recipe, don’t shy away. If you need help with house chores ask your husband, there is nothing wrong with asking. It is better to ask rather than doing it wrong and doing it all over again.

We hope these tips can help you through your starting days in marriage and implementing them will surely help to reduce stress and lead a happy married life.



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