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The Unfortunate Truth About Drinking Cold Water On Empty Stomach

Does your day start with gulping down cold, cold water or when you come back tired from work, drinking cold water gives you relief?

We all know drinking water is essential for your bodily functions. Hydration gives lubrication to our organs and their functions. From keeping your skin glowing to preventing constipation, water is essential for everyday life.

We even install water purifying devices in order to get the water with the best quality without impurities and dirt. Now to bring to your attention, even drinking water temperature should be taken into consideration, as it plays a huge role.

With ever growing temperature it is bound to happen that you want to gulp down cold water. In India, the temperature around us is always hot and sweaty at least most part of the year.

In Mumbai and Delhi, the weather is mostly between 28-35 degrees, with Mumbai being hot and humid and many take that temperature as a reason to drink cold water.

While it feels heavenly to drink cold water in a hot and humid temperature but it does nothing but invites health issues.

Our internal body temperature is 37C while the water you drink which is straight from the refrigerator, the water temperature is less than 4 C. read on to know more how drinking cold water can harm you.


When you eat food, it travels from your mouth to throat- esophagus and then to stomach. The most absorption of nutrients from the food takes place in the stomach, therefore, it requires a lot of energy to break down the food and digest it all by secreting juices.

Now the stomach works intensively and then you introduce cold water, this shifts the focus of stomach from absorbing nutrients to maintaining the temperature of it.

Our body internal temperature is 37C so with cold water, the digestion process is hindered and all the energy is used in maintaining the temperature of the water you drank.

It is advisable not to drink water with meals and if you happen to drink any, drink room temperature water.

2. Sore throat

This shouldn’t be a surprise at all. Cold water in any weather can give you a sore throat and cold. Even with great immunity, you can’t just keep on gulping cold water.

It sensitizes your throat making it susceptible to further infections and pain.

The excess of mucus formation is the main reason you get a sore throat when you drink chilled water.

3.Effects breakdown of fats

It is anyway not advisable to drink right after your meals, ideally, you should wait 30 minutes before you drink water. Now chilled water with your meals solidifies the fats from the food hence there is a lesser breakdown of fats.

Hence, the fats will accumulate in your body resulting in weight gain.

4.Shock factor

If you exercise regularly in a gym or attend some other heavy duty classes such as karate, kickboxing, etc., these are high-intensity functional training which requires a lot of energy and stamina.

But when you drink cold water, you make a shift of temperature which can be hard on the stomach. The usual body temperature is 37C while when you work out it rises and cold water temperature is less than 4C.

You can see how big the difference is and hence it takes a toll on the digestive tract.

The cold water can cause pain the stomach due to severe temperature going inside the body.

5. Potentially decrease heart rate

According to a study, consuming cold water can play a role in decreasing your heart rate. Our tenth cranial nerve (Vagus nerve) is responsible for maintaining the temperature of the body and intervenes the heart rate too.

So when you drink cold water, the nerve gets the stimulated while gets the signal to drop the heart rate.

In no means, we point out hydration is not important.

The focus here is to drink room temperature or warm water which will aid in digestion as well as overall health benefits.



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