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Best Sun Tan Removal Face Pack In Summer

Getting glowing skin is a dream for every woman. But it is not easy during Summer. The extreme temperature in summer can cause major damage to your skin that results in tanning, pigmentation, and skin aging. .

We buy many products from the market to get a radiant skin glow and protect ourselves from harmful UV rays.

Unfortunately, most of the products don’t work and that doesn’t last for a long time too.

We must pamper our skin to protect from sun damage. A suntan can be best treated with home remedies than the readymade masks and creams.

Suntan Removing Face Packs

This pack is one of the best packs to soothe your skin from the summer heat and remove tan.

This face mask is filled with richness of rose petals, curd and fullers earth.

Rose petals are rich in antibacterial properties along with Vitamin B, C, and K. Fuller’s earth reduces fine lines and pore size on the skin, curd hydrates skin from the deep layers.

Here you have 3 types of face packs for dry, oily and normal skin types. Choose yours

Anti-tan Pack For Oily Skin

Fuller’s Earth – 1/2 Tsp

Rose Petal Paste –  2 Tsp

Sandal Wood Powder – 1 Tsp

Curd                 – Sufficient to make smooth paste

multani mitti

This face pack clears tanned skin and brings instant glow on face. It also reduces oil secretion and helps to deal with oily skin. Use this pack 3 times in a week for better results.

Anti-tan Pack For Dry Skin

Ripe Papaya – 2 Tsp

Rose Petal Paste –  1 Tsp

Honey – 1 Tsp

Milk – Sufficient to make smooth paste

Mix the above ingredients to a smooth paste. Gently wash your face and pat dry. Wipe off with a cotton ball soaked in rose water. Apply a generous amount of the pack and leave on for 15 minutes.
This pack rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin and brings back the natural glow. Use this pack 2 times in a week.

Anti-tan Pack For Normal Skin

Soaked Amonds – 4-5

Totamo Juice – 1 Tsp

Honey – 1 Tsp

Milk Cream – 1 Tsp

Mix the above ingredients to make the pack. Apply on a washed face, gently massage with it for a while. Leave on for 15 minutes. Use this 2 times in a week for best result.



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