Juice for stomach ulcer
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Relieves Stomach Ulcer Within in 2 days With This Miracle Juice

Stomach ulcers are painful sores found in the stomach intestine. Most ulcers are caused by bacteria Helicobacter pyroli. The term ulcer mostly includes stomach and duodenal ulcer.

Stomach ulcer must be treated in time to avoid internal bleeding and other serious conditions. Symptoms of an ulcer include nausea, bloating, heartburn and pain in the stomach.

Herbal Drink For Stomach Ulcer

For people suffering from the stomach ulcer, this herbal drink gives relief within 2-3 days. It balances stomach’s pH, heals acid reflux, treats constipation and cures damaged lining.


Carrots       – 2 medium sized

Cabbage    – 2 cups

Papaya      – 1 cup

Water       – 1 glass

juice for stomach ulcer

This recipe makes 250 ml of juice sufficient for one serving.

Use a juice maker to extract juice from the above ingredients. A masticating juicer is best for extracting the juice.

  • The vitamin A in carrots prevents damage of stomach linings.
  • Glucosinates in cabbage controls the growth of Helicobacter pyroli.
  • The enzyme Papain present in papaya prevents gastric ulcers and improves digestion.



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