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Rani Mukherjee Fitness, Diet, Makeup And Beauty Secrets

Rani Mukherjee, the Bengali bong is known for her exceptional Bollywood career and doing it in a way that leaves you speechless.

The light- brown, husky voice actress does a lot of experiments with a role (and gets it right), but very few times she is seen in an avatar or a look we haven’t seen her last!

But in this increasing craze of the airport looks, we have certainly forgotten to love an actor or actress for their work rather than their clothes. But we love Rani anyway!

Rani Mukherjee has a simple and casual outlook. For her comfort is a priority while dressing up. To know more about her easy and casual makeup, diet and fitness, read on-

What Does Rani Mukherjee Eat?

Rani drinks her share of water i.e. at least 4 liters of water a day to keep herself hydrated and fresh. Apart from plain water, she intakes coconut water, fresh juices, and smoothies.

Her pre-workout snack includes a banana with a mixture of aloe and bitter gourd juice for cleansing the system.

Although being a true Bengali, she eats her veggies to keep up with her balanced diet. She said once that although she looks her rice and fish in her diet, she lost her pregnancy weight all on the basis of eating a healthy diet, she avoided sweets and oily, fried food.

Her single day of eating consists of

Early Morning – Aloe Vera and Karela juice and half banana

Breakfast – 1 egg white, muesli, and one glass of fruit juice

Lunch -1 chapatti, boiled veggies and salad

Dinner – chapatti and vegetables.

She takes her dinner before 8.30 pm.

Her in-between snacks include soup and green tea.

Rani Mukherjee Fitness Secret

Rani has seen a lot less as compared to previous appearances after her baby’s Adira birth.

She was also hospitalized right before her delivery and was asked to rest as she needed more rest and sleep.

Rani Mukherjee was heavily criticized for her post-pregnancy weight because of her weight gaining-losing journey over a period of two years as she had lost weight and gained again. The diet or the workout plan isn’t helping her, looked her she got into the yo-yo diet.

Basically, the yo-yo diet is when a person religiously follows a certain diet but fails to keep up with the strict routine.

It is obvious with being a mother full time and a movie star in itself have consumed her and fitness took a back seat. We hope to see Rani in the best of her form so that she isn’t backlashed for her looks.

With that being said, Rani is an extremely private person just like her husband Aditya Chopra, and she isn’t seen going to the gym or sporting a gym look anywhere on social media.

But we certainly know that the new mommy is following a certain fitness regime to get back into shape. She does cardio religiously for getting into the rhythm of the workout followed by walks.

She performs Surya Namaskar yoga form at least 8-10 times in the morning. The entire training session takes up to 60-90 minutes. Yoga is something it does on a regular basis.

Rani Mukherjee Beauty Secrets

Her hair is the most important feature of beauty. Rani has the most luscious mahogany hair which is hardly changed to something else. Her hair has always been long and colored to a shade of brown and reds giving it more natural look to suit her dusky complexion.

Rani’s go to look have always been smoky eye makeup with flushed cheeks and a nude shade lip color.

To keep her eyes beautiful and healthy, she used pure rose water. Rose water is an excellent toner and helps to sooth the eyes and instantly add lots of cooling effect to the eyes.

Rani’s Makeup Tips and Tricks

It is not difficult to say that Rani is a die-hard fan of MAC cosmetics, you must have seen her with the MAC official makeup artist Mickey Contractor.

Rani’s got to a liquid foundation is Mac Studio Fix Liquid Foundation SPF 15, a medium coverage foundation with a slightly dewy finish. She completes the look with MAC Select Sheer powder foundation to get a matte finish.

Eyes: Rani is often seen with smoky eyes makeup which makes her light color eyes stand out. She often sports black, brown or blue.

Lips: Her lips are most neutral part of her makeup look. She is seen wearing pinks or browns shade. Her favorites are from MAC named Twig and Viva Glam V.



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