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DIY Potato Serum To Remove Dark Spots

Potato chips are the favorite snack for most of us. We can make many experiments while cooking potato and it is most liked by the kids as well.

Do you know that potatoes will do wonders for your Skin?

Application of potato juice on to the skin will

1.Lighten the dark spots

2. Removes dead cells

3. Reduces the appearance of blemishes and dark marks

4. Protects skin from damage by toxic pollutants

Dark spots are caused due to excessive production of melanin. Potato contains

Here is an excellent home remedy to remove dark spots, acne scars, and pigmentation marks. Application of this serum will remove all the blemishes, dark spots.


You will need

Fresh potato juice – 4 Tsp

Mint Juice – 1 Tsp

Aloevera Gel – 1 Tsp

Vitamin E oil – 2 drops

1. Take a potato, peel the skin.

2. Chop the potato into pieces and grind it.

3. Extract the juice. Keep aside.

4. Take some mint leaves.

5. Wash, grind and extract mint juice.

6. Now in a clean bowl add potato juice, mint juice, aloe vera gel and finally vitamin E oil. Mix well.

7. Transfer to a glass jar and store in the refrigerator. Can store for up to one week.


Apply this serum on the clean face before going to bed. Massage for a minuter and leave overnight. Use this for one month. You can definitely experience clear flawless skin.

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