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How to Get Clear and Glowing Skin – Miracle Massage Oil

Massage oil plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy skin. They usually repair, restore and revitalize the skin. Different kinds of oils are used for different kinds of skin conditions.

Good massage oil should have low viscosity, pleasant odor, hydrate the skin and absorbed into the skin.

Here is a homemade miracle body oil with the above qualities. It will make your skin just like the petals of the autumn rose. 

This Body oil can be used for babies also. In fact, it is great for baby skin.

How  To Make Miracle Massage Oil?

For this, you need only 5 easily available ingredients

Sesame Oil – 50 gms
Sweet Almond Oil – 25 gms
Coconut Oil – 20 gms
Honey – 4 gms
Vitamin E  – 1 gm

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly. Transfer them into a clean and dry glass bottle.

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Benefits Of Body Oil For The Skin:

  1. Repairs damaged cells
  2. Removes skin toxins
  3. Refines fine lines & wrinkles
  4. Delays signs od aging
  5. Treats acne & scars
  6. Minimizes pore size
  7. Ideal deep cleanser
  8. Improves skin texture
  9. Brightens skin
  10. Excellent skin moisturizer
  11. Improves circulation

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How To Use This Massage Oil?

  • Wash your face with mild facewash & pat dry.
  • Dip a cotton pad in rose water and clean your face with it.
  • Now take a sufficient quantity of warm oil and massage for about 5 minutes with gentle firm strokes.
  • Leave it on for at least 15 minutes and take a shower.
  • Apply this miracle oil every day before bath.
  • This oil rejuvenates your skin from the deep and gives a healthy glow.
  • You can see the result within 10 days.



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