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Know The Surprising Morning Habits That Can Cause Weight Gain


How your morning starts off marks a huge influence on your entire day. Most people have a routine happening around their work schedule and some don’t. People who don’t have a schedule to follow or have ‘flexible’ work schedule tend to do the following habits in their daily life chores. Adopting lifestyle changes which are not only harmful but are leading to weight gain. Following are five-morning habits that cause weight gain.

1. Not Eating Breakfast

Breakfast is an important meal of the day. The word itself suggests Break-fast, breaking your fast from the night before. Eating breakfast can keep your blood sugar level normal. Eating protein-based breakfast decreases the hunger hormone ‘ghrelin’ by maintaining the appetite.

Protein filled breakfast keeps you full for a longer time so that you don’t eat at odd hours. Food items such as Greek yogurt, chia seeds, eggs, nuts and cottage cheese, etc. help in keeping the body full for a longer time.

2. No Sunlight

Sunlight helps in keeping active metabolism of the body. Sun rays of the early morning are helpful for your body. Sunlight gives much needed Vitamin D. Also fresh mornings bring lots of positive energy and good mood. Waking up early at sunrise and heading for the day with little exercise can help you lose weight.

A study suggests that people who get morning sunshine have lower BMI than people who don’t. 20-30 minutes of sunlight is necessary to maintain a healthy BMI.

3. No Exercise

This is a no-brainer, not exercising will obviously lead to weight gain. Exercise in the morning gives you adrenaline rush which keeps you fresh and energetic for the day.  Doing exercise will release happy hormones and keep you in a good mood.

It is essential to do some form of exercise in a day like jogging, gym or yoga. It set the tone of the day and also exercise keep you disciplined.

4. Sleeping 

An adult needs anywhere between 7-8 hours of sleep. Sleeping anything less than 7 hours can disturb the next morning also sleeping in till late hours can harm your body. Oversleeping is associated with eating the wrong type of food such as junk and unhealthy food. A sleeping pattern disturbs concentration capabilities of the brain and it reflects on the work.

Oversleeping can lead to high blood sugar level and higher body weight as the body is unable to sync with the body clock.

5. Taking Coffee As Your First Drink

A ton of people starts their day with coffee which is a red mark as coffee dehydrates you. An ideal start for the day should be drinking lots of water to flush out toxins from the night before and provide water to all the body organs. Water is an ideal drink it can help your body to jump-start your day.

Coffee, on the other hand, will have sugar and milk which will add to waistline inches. In addition to dehydration, coffee can disturbs the morning schedule. Take a few glasses of water, eat something and then you can have your coffee of the day.

These are few of many morning habits which are unknowingly harming your body. Setting up a schedule and following will not only get the work done on time but also it will be beneficial for your body too.



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