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Interesting Facts About Cancer You Need To Know


Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells. Due to this rapid growth of cells, they form lumps and masses called tumors. It can occur in any part of the body.

When the tumor spreads to the other parts of the body it destroys the healthy tissues. The spread causes multiple lumps, called metastasis. In this stage, it is difficult to treat and is a serious condition.

Some of the cancers can be diagnosed in early stages of breast and prostate cancer. By physical examination, they can be felt as lumps when touched.

In many other cancers, it is difficult to diagnose as the symptoms like pain and inflammation are observed in other diseases also which tend to mislead the physician.

What are the types of Cancer?

There are different types of cancers. It can attack any part of the body. Cancer cells travel through the blood to all parts and multiply and cause lumps which would cause inconvenience to the patient in mobility and prevent the person from leading a normal life.

Unlike our body cells, cancer cells do not die and they multiply rapidly to increase the size of the tumor.

Cancer is given stages depending on the spreading of cancer cells to the other parts. It is dealt as Stage 0 to 4. ‘0’ indicates that the area of effect is less and ‘4’ indicates the effect is more it cannot be operated or cannot be treated.

Cancer Diagnosis

 The diagnosis is done using various techniques like Endoscopy, X-ray, MRI scan, PET scan, CT scan, and Ultra Sound Scan.

Many hospitals are available now to treat exclusively cancer with advanced machinery. Cancer is treated by adopting different methods like Radiation, Chemotherapy, Gene Therapy, and Immuno-Therapy.

The mode of therapy adopted depends on the condition of the patient and the stage of cancer.


  1. Cancer may be avoided by adopting good living habits like choosing not to smoke tobacco, avoiding alcohol, be away from pollution, avoiding UV Radiation, adopting good eating habits.

2. Irregular Sleeping patterns may confuse your biological clock. It is better to maintain a good sleep record.

3. Eating a diet low in fat, fresh leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains.

4.Some Vaccines can avoid certain types of cancers.

5. Researchers are striving hard to produce advanced medicines to treat the disease, suffering, and death of many.



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  1. Thanks for your beneficial post. In recent times, I have been able to understand that the particular symptoms of mesothelioma cancer are caused by the actual build up connected fluid between your lining on the lung and the chest muscles cavity. The disease may start while in the chest spot and distribute to other parts of the body. Other symptoms of pleural mesothelioma cancer include weight reduction, severe inhaling trouble, throwing up, difficulty eating, and infection of the face and neck areas. It needs to be noted that some people existing with the disease tend not to experience any kind of serious signs and symptoms at all.

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