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How To Use Onion Juice For Hair Growth ?

Onion Juice For Hair Growth

Most of the people suffer from slow hair growth, loss of hair, dandruff and dull hair. In order to control these issues, you need to follow basic hair management techniques which include oiling, shampooing and conditioning. Along with these applications of hair packs allows the regrowth of hair and controls hair fall.

onion for hair growth

What Does Onion Contain?

Topical application of onion juice on hair almost doubles your hair strands of what you have now. Sulphur plays a key role in keeping hair follicle intact to its root. Onion juice contains sulphur containing compounds ‘Methylsulfonylmethane’ in the outer layers. Onion promotes the formation of ‘Keratin’ protein which constitutes hair hence results in hair growth. Also, contains ‘Quercetin’ an antioxidant useful in treating alopecia areata.

Onion has antiseptic and antibacterial properties,  helps to treat scalp infections in addition to hair growth. It contains an enzyme ‘Catalase’ which also an antioxidant prevents premature greying of hair. In the study, people who applied onion juice twice a day for two months had better hair regrowth rates compared to those who use expensive hair growth products. Onion juice can even be used as hair nourisher and conditioner.

How To Make Onion Juice For Hair Growth?

onion for hair growth

  1. Peel the onions and cut them into small pieces.
  2. You can use a food processor, grater or juicer to squeeze the juice.
  3. Filter the juice using a cloth or strainer.
  4. Massage the juice into your hair mostly focussing on the scalp and roots.
  5. Leave it on hair for 45 minutes.
  6. Wash with mild shampoo and condition the hair as usual.
  7. If you have sensitive scalp dilute onion juice with water.
  8. To avoid strong smell of the onion you can add lemon juice or any essential oils.

So give onions the attention to using as hair tonic. Do a patch test before using onion juice to prevent any allergic reactions.




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