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How to lose weight like this guy who weighed 132kg to 72kg? Find out more

How to lose weight like this guy who weighed 132kg to 72kg. Find out more

A new year’s resolution is part of every year ritual to boost your moral to do or follow something that you have been lacking behind.

This can be anything from quit smoking, learn cooking or any other activity, no junk food, no stalking ex, and many more. Although there is a silent new year’s resolution almost everyone takes up but never ever sticks to it is losing weight.

Now losing weight and being fit is two different things. Losing weight is to look good, fit in those old jeans and gain confidence whereas being fit is more of a lifestyle change you have to do in order to stay healthy mentally and physically too.

If this intro wasn’t enough to look beyond losing weight and switch to being healthy and fit, we have a story of 23 years old guy from Delhi who transformed himself from 132 kg to 72 kg in four years.

Yes, four years seems a bit of long stretch but he did in a most healthy way with constant changes. EeshKerwin Gaur is currently 23 years old and had lost 60 kg in 4 years span of time.

Gaur started his weight loss journey in January 2015 when he saw that his clothes don’t fit him in a way that they used to be and when he shopped he was unable to find anything in his size from his favorite brands.

He consciously thought about the situation and wondered if the health issues he is facing is all because of the weight he has gained and led to obesity.

Gaur then mentioned that in 2010, he was hospitalized due to fatigue, severe indigestion problems and respiratory disorders. Back then, doctors had advised him to lose some weight in order to cure some of his health issues due to which he was hospitalized. Gaur admitted that he paid no attention until the next five years.

Gaur mentioned that although he weighed a lot he was a fairly active young man till his 10th-grade schooling. He was a district level tennis player, swimmer and state level football player. 

Gaur said, “I slipped into a sedentary lifestyle all of a sudden”. I had respiratory problems even during my childhood and a lot of weight gain was due to the steroids I took as part of my medication”.

For his further education, Gaur moved to Mumbai to pursue his undergraduate from St. Xavier’s College. With a new chapter of his life, Gaur wanted to change the way his look i.e. lose weight so he decided to jog every morning at Marine Drive in South Mumbai but failed terribly on his first day.

Gaur quoted “I was 132kg then and could not even jog for 100meters straight. Having lived with 5 other male roommates in a flat, I received tons of motivation. There were times when we would all go for a jog on Marine Drive, GirgaonChowpatty or Priyadarshini Park. We had even bought a punching bag at home so that we could all exercise and workout together.

Initially I didn’t follow a specific weight loss program as such but later on, I was introduced to the GM diet plan and intermittent fasting which helped me a lot. I had cut down my meals by a huge portion and had started eating healthy.”

With constant dedication and strictly following this routine for a while, Guar witnessed weight loss around his upper body and waist.

Within 4-5 months of working out, following the diet, Gaur’s waist size dropped by four inches from 46 inches to 42 inches. Gaur said “my daily was jogging and stretching. I was advised not to join the gym at first because I was obese and needed to lose weight.

I took inspiration from a lot of fitness YouTubers and worked out in open spaces. Since initially, my weight didn’t permit me to run even short distances, I began walking for 100meters to get my body used to the motion and physical activity.”

All through his journey, Gaur workout seriously and was extremely determined to lose fat. He once returned from a friend’s birthday and he walked from Lower Parel to Marine Lines in Mumbai which is a good 11km stretch. He did continue to jog for at least an hour at Marine Drive after college.

Gaur did follow a strict food routine to lose weight loss and here’s how his diet looked like

Breakfast : 

Cereal with fruits and milk


2 glasses of juices without sugar, a plate of fruit salad, a bowl of dal and 2 rotis


A bowl of soup, dal or boiled vegetables with some spices

Water Intake

With all this, he drank about 6-8 liters of water daily and during work out he drank electoral water.

Along with this in between meals if he felt hungry he used to drink a glass of bitter gourd or bottle gourd. Guar used to weight 132kg and he knew he had to lose weight but consistently to avoid any other health issues and also stretch marks. He also started his day with one glass of lukewarm with 10ml apple cider vinegar or a squeezed lime.

With everything strict around his food intake, he avoided anything with excessive salt or sugar as they tend to retain water in the body. He included fruits such as kiwi, watermelon and pineapple in his meals. He consumed lemon juice with jaggery to burn fat.

Gaur had his cheat days where he would indulge in chicken curry, butter chicken, kepsa or pizza once in a while.

Gaur said that even on non-cheat days if he is out with his friends he would opt for a salad or something healthy. Self-control is a key if you want to lose weight more than 10kg in your regime, Gaur quoted.

He also completely stopped eating junk food which has drastically helped him in losing weight. Gaur said that he didn’t track his weight more often he was more focus on the process than the outcomes. With his 5 feet 8 inches height he wanted his weight somewhere between 65kg and 75kg and waist 30-32 inches.

With the commitment he had for his weight loss, he managed to shed weight and from 46 inches of a waistline, he came to 32 inches and shirt size from 53(XXXL) to 38(M). His body fat reduced from 37% in 2015 to 11% in 2018.

He had a lot of people coming up to him and confessing he has motivated them to be fit and lose weight for healthy self. He follows and takes inspiration from a lot of Bollywood stars and YouTuber Beer Biceps.

While weight loss is a journey and it is a continuous struggle to maintain the weight and also follow a healthy lifestyle considering when you start to work. Gaur commented that he had hit a plateau period in his life when he was working a desk job which made him sit for 8-10 hours a day. Where he turned to unhealthy food and put on 3-4 kg of weight.

And it hit him when his waist size increased by 2 inches then he started working out four times a week and controlled his diet. He realized he had put a lot of efforts in losing weight and he won let it all the hard work go off easily and be obese again.

Gaur realized and was motivated than before and followed his food and workout routine religiously and has managed to lose his current weight of 72kg. Along with weight loss, he has seen a tremendous change in his mental energy, he is more confident about his body and his weight.

He aims to bring down body fat percentage below 8% and concentrate on muscle mass by weight training.

The only advice he gives when he is asked about his consistent weight loss and focuses attitude he says, don’t stop with small achievements. If you have lost 4kg, don’t go for a cheat meal to celebrate, there is a long way to go if you have more than 10 kg to lose.

Gaur said that he has to quit looking at my progress. I would just trust my workout, diets, mental health and look for feedback about the way I’m perceiving the regime or not.

Hope the article is motivating. Do share with your friends who really want to lose weight!!!!!



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