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How To Deal With Abusive Partner?

Being abusive isn’t only about being physical, it can be verbal, embarrassing, intimidating, humiliation and coercion. Abusers can get very tactical when being abusing or losing their mind over a petty issue.

After dealing with the fair share of abuse from your partner, it is time to get over it and look for ways to leave that relationship for your own good.

Now leaving an abusive partner needs a lot of planning and dealing with an abusive partner shouldn’t always mean ending the relationship. You check for signs and frequency of abuse.

Also, everyone is different when dealing with abuse some have a better tolerance and can deal with it and some simply refuse to deal with the abuse.

Whatever you choose to do, always remember your happiness is of utmost importance.

Tips To Deal Abusive Partner

Following are some steps about how to deal with an abusive partner.

Get Help

Never consider yourself alone, talk to close friends and family and discuss with them the problem you are facing. Reconnecting with friends and family will be ideal as you might have had distant them due to the abusive nature of your partner. It is time to be open about it and take care of yourself.

Also resources such as support centers which help you deal with an abusive partner. Connect with the support centers, take into consideration such as clearing up internet log and phone calls history, as abusive partners might be keeping an eye on you and your moves.

Don’t Neglect Initial Abusive Behavior

No one is born abusive there have been circumstances where a person loses their control and behave the way they shouldn’t have. Some people are sorry and promise to never do that again. As a supportive partner help them to control their anger and stress.

But do keep a record of how, when and why they behave in a certain way and be abusive towards you. There is no excuse to behave in abusive and derogatory manners.

Think About The Afterlife When This Ends

Once you have decided to leave your abusive partner life can be an emotional roller coaster ride. Make sure you meet family and friends for mental support. A family is important and it can help you heal better. Take care of your health, eat well and exercise to be fit.

In the meantime, look for a place to live and how secure and safe the place is. You can start working again if you weren’t but most importantly look for a safe place away from your partner.

End The Relationship Safely

While planning an exit plan, always consider making the plan where you have someone from the extended family or close friend with you while dealing with your abusive partner. Since an abusive partner may have unpredictable behavior, it is best to have people around you.

Also, don’t share details with your partner about where you will be moving out. Keep code word or signal for speed dialing your friends and family if you don’t feel safe.

Stay Safe


As discussed stay as away as possible from your partner. An emotional turmoil is hard to forget but eventually, you will rise from this situation. Try building a new world for yourself life is worth living for.

File A Restraining Order

If things go out of hand and you can’t handle it anymore. There is last resort you can implement as getting a restraining order on your abusive partner. It is a legal route, but it is the best way to stay safe and secure.

Even though your partner seeks forgiveness, see to it that you are not harmed in any way possible physically or mentally to pursue that. Think before taking any decision as such.



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