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Read Before You MAKEOVER: A Beginner’s Guide To Do Makeup In A Right Way

Makeup is fun! Colors, swatches, and packaging are the first impressions of any makeup products. And then comes the actual application and how good is the payoff.

It is safe to say that even though, we girls don’t own half of the world’s makeup, and we definitely like to own one!

So we end up spending hours on YouTube watching makeup tutorials. The tutorials give firsthand information about the product, application and wear test, and they can be overwhelming and we end up thinking I can’t do all those steps, it too much of confusion.

So here we are walking you through each and every step of a makeup routine.

Now it’s a ten-step makeup guide and according to the time you can give, choose the products which will be best for you.

Like you don’t need highlighter in the daytime or even foundation in the heat.

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You can simply use a BB cream which has decent coverage and let your skin breathe. Also, not to forget skincare. Skincare is a crucial step in maintaining the skin’s health.

Always take care of your skin, better the skin lesser makeup products you can use.

So after doing your skincare, you can follow the below steps.

Remember every step has its importance and it can affect the wear and look of the day or night.

So choose wisely, maybe you don’t need so many steps, but for someone who is looking for that beat makeup look, here we are with every step of makeup application.


Primer is basically giving a base for the foundation to glide better. The primer has properties such as oil control, pore-filling, illuminating, among others. They help in achieving blank slate for the foundation and also hold the foundation, making its wear time longer.

2. Foundation or BB cream

Always choose a foundation or BB cream close to your skin color and without SPF. With sunscreen, it can leave a flashback with photos.

Foundation is mostly medium to full coverage and it can cover all your blemishes and dark spots. While BB cream gives sheer to light coverage, choose depending on your day.

If you are looking for only covering your blemishes and dark spots, you can skip this step and directly go to next.

3. Concealer

Concealer is the miracle in a small bottle. It can cover anything from acne, pimple, dark spots and pigmentation. A little dab of concealer on the areas you need should be enough for a daytime look.

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4. Blush, Bronzer/Contour and Highlighter

Again this step is totally optional. But for that more polished look, apply blush on the apples of your cheeks.

Use bronzer to bring back color and depth to the face. Sweep bronzer on the perimeter of the face making a 3- shape starting from the temples closer to the hairline and then below the blush and then down the jawline. Choose a bronzer warm enough to achieve that sun-kissed look.

Alternatively, use a contour product which can also give definition to the face by carving those cheekbones for you. The contour gives an illusion of a slimmer face.

Now highlighting the face can get tricky sometimes, following the high point of the face such as tip of the nose, area above the eyebrows and areas right beside the blush and below the corner of the eyes.

5. Eyebrows

Unlike Cara Delevingne, not everyone is blessed with fuller eyebrows. The market is filled with tons of the eyebrows product just to achieve the eyebrows of your dreams.

The product such as eyebrow pencil, brow pomade are for a more put-together look. If you have decent eyebrows but some sparse areas, you can use an eyebrow mascara.

6. Eye Shadow

Again an optional step, but a flush of color for a day will be done in no time. A product such as eyeshadow pencil or product with high pigmentation can be your friend. Just swipe across a color of choice and call it a day.

If you are using a powder formulation, make sure to apply excess loose powder under the eyes to catch any fallout.

7. Eyeliner and Kajal

Again an optional step but some people cannot do without their eyeliner or kajal.

For beginners in the makeup world, choose a felt tip liner; it gives precise hold and is faster. For a bolder look, gel liners are best.

8. Mascara

Mascara can make or break the look. A right mascara for your lashes will make you look awake. Choose among volume, lengthening or false lashes properties for your look.

Choose a washable mascara for every day, it is easier at the end of the day to remove it. For a special occasion, use a waterproof version.

9. Lipstick

Lip color can pull the entire look together. Choose neutral shades for the daytime look. Pinks, mauves or browns for the day look while you can experiment with bold colors such as wine, plums, and red for the night look.

If you want the lipstick to stay for a long time use a lip liner of the same color or switch to a liquid lipstick.

10. Setting spray

Now that you have applied all that makeup on your face with so much dedication and hard work. You want it to stay at least for a couple of hours.

A setting spray will hold the makeup intact for a long day in heat or humidity. Also, a setting spray can revive the makeup look in the middle of the day too.

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Now don’t get overwhelmed by all these steps, you can always start with baby steps like easier products to work with and then go into complex makeup products. Remember, practice is the key.



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