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How Japanese women stay young and slim?

Japan is a beautiful country with Landscape Mountains, good food, and great looking people. Japanese people are known to live longer than the average world population.

The question arises how?

Japanese people are most benefited by the food they eat. The main focus on eating food is to extract health benefits and increases longevity.

Following are the top 10 reasons why Japanese women stay young and slim.

1. Green Tea

Japanese people love green tea. The powdered form of green tea is called matcha green tea which is made from the highest quality of green tea leaves and powdered into fine particles.

Green tea is not just a tea or a drink it has many health benefits. It has antioxidants, helps in reversing the aging process and aids in weight loss.green-tea

Japanese adults who are known to consume green tea on a regular basis have lower risks of cardiovascular and other related diseases.

Research studies showed that Japanese who drank 5 cups of green tea daily have a mortality rate reduce by 26%.

2. Fermented Food

Kombucha, kefir, miso, sauerkraut, and kimchi are some of the Japanese fermented food.

Fermented foods are made through a natural process, producing lactic acid as the end product.sauerkraut

Fermentation preserves the natural ingredients and produces enzymes, fatty acids, different strains of probiotics which are good for our gut health.

The bacteria produced during fermentation which aids in digestion and hence helping in weight loss.

3. Seafood

Japanese cuisine is filled with seafood such as shrimp, tuna, salmon, shellfish, etc. they focus on eating more seafood rather than red meat which increases the chances of obesity, heart diseases, etc. Seafood especially fish is packed with omega 3- fatty acids and is high in proteins.

shirataki noodles

Omega 3-fatty acids promote good health and hair. Consumption of seafood reduces inflammation in the body and is good for the health of the nervous system.

The Japanese believe that the healthier the fish, it is beneficial for you. They incorporate many different ways of fish such as raw, poached, baked, steamed, grilled, etc.

4. Eating Smaller Portions

Portion control is a good habit if you are trying to lose weight. Japanese food is always served in smaller quantities.

Weight management can be fulfilled by eating smaller portions. Eating in a smaller plate also help in controlling the portion size of the meal.

5. Walking As A Ritual

Walking is an excellent form of exercise for the entire body. Walking helps in toning legs and reduces visceral fat.

walkingIn Japan, walking is highly preferred in men and women. Walking not only reduces weight but also elevates mood and increases energy.

6. No On-the-go Food

It is a huge no-no for Japanese to eat food on-the-go like while traveling or walking. It is considered a sacred form of energizing the body hence it is impolite to eat food on-the-go.

watching TVWhile having food, it is a strict no-no to watch TV or do anything except eating the food.

This allows the stomach to send the signal to the brain that the food is enough. This signal doesn’t allow one to indulge in overeating.

7. Healthy Cooking Methods

In Japan, the cooking methods used are mostly grilled or steamed and sometimes raw.

fried foodFried food is hardly consumed by the Japanese people. Overall the way food is made plays an important role in the health and fitness of the Japanese people.

8. Practicing martial arts

In Japan, both men and women perform at least one kind of martial arts. It can include judo, karate, aikido, etc. these all play a huge role in the health and fitness of Japanese people.

It improves muscle flexibility, increases brain activity, maintains the weight and slows down the aging process.

9. Hot Spring Baths

Hot spring baths are very common in Japan and widely accepted in their lives.

It promotes a longer life with its healing powers, infused with beneficial nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, niacin, and silica.

By soaking in this mineral-rich hot spring baths have great benefits for skin and overall health of the body. 

It promotes blood circulation and removes toxins and induce great sleep cycle. It also regulated heart health and other vital organs of the body.

10.Healthy desserts

When we think about dessert, it is a huge cup of sugar-loaded ice cream, waffles, or something to indulge ourselves.

But in Japan, desserts don’t play a part in their cuisine. Japanese people indulge themselves in eating fresh fruits after their lunch or dinner.healthy dessert

There is a lot less of caramel or refined sugar or flour, hence the keeping away from the main culprit in weight gain.



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