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Do Colors Affect How You Feel? Color Psychology

Have You Ever Observed Colors In The Color Palette?

A scientific study shows that colors can actually affect your mood. Every color in their own possible way function to affect us and our mood.

You ask how?

Colors are often used to express emotions such as red for aggression/excitement, silver for innovation, blue when you are feeling dull and orange sends energized and exciting feeling so on.

Colors are the way of expression which adds to a visual representation of how you feel about anything.

Marketing and advertising people exploit this fact all the time for e.g. company logo is in red to grab your attention, packaging material color is always dark, vibrant color to draw your attention to the details of the packaging. They not only draw your attention but pumps up your blood.

Here are some color-coded facts which can help you understand how colors affect our mood.


Orange depicts excitement, warmth, and playfulness. It also has energizing quality as red but in a subtle way which often corresponds to a sense of comfort and creativity.

It is said that incorporating color orange in your workout routine (clothes, water bottle or just the color in any way) can increase your oxygen levels in the brain and also stimulates brain activity.


Power, aggression, passion, and energy all these emotions are associated strongly with the color red. The color is bold, attention seeker and has a power of power, action, and confidence.


Blue is associated with blue waters of oceans hence the color of calmness and concentration. It indicates trust, security, order, and technology. Worldwide many banks have their logos in blue which can evoke a feeling of trust in their customers.


Black depicts sultry, sexy, powerful, and mysterious. It also corresponds to death, fear, and unhappiness.


Yellow depicts positive emotions, hope, and optimism. In Hindu mythology, yellow is a sacred color, making its way in many religious ceremonies. Yellow also represents youthfulness.


Pink is associated with femininity in many cultures. It also depicts calmness and safety.


Purple is associated with royalty, luxury, spirituality, and mystery. It can also relate to cruelty and arrogance.


Green is the color of the money. It represents good luck, health, nature, renewal, and rebirth. It also depicts envy and jealousy. While China and France stay away from green color, in the Middle East color green is a color of money and draws the attention of investors.


Often described as the color of sterility, clean and pure, color white depicts all forms of newness. The white color is very subjective in different cultures, it depicts purity and cleans hence used as a bridal color in western culture while in Eastern cultures it depicts death.


It is associated with warmth and earthiness yet depressing too. Mixing it with orange, yellow or gold reduces its depressing quality. In U.S. brown is majorly used for packaging food items.



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