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Health Link Between Honey And Weight Loss

Honey is fat-free, cholesterol-free and sodium-free natural sweetener widely available in the market.

Honey has been around us for many many years and its use in both food and to enhance beauty is not new to us.

Honey has been used in various home remedies like upset stomach while it can be mixed with other beneficial ingredients to make a good face pack for targeted results.

Honey has antimicrobial properties which can cure digestive problems. Honey mixed with water is beneficial in neutralizing the bad bacteria which have caused discomfort and bloating in the stomach.

Honey is also slightly acidic which stop the multiplication of bacteria to cause any further discomfort.

Regular consumption of honey can helps to reduce bloating, lessen the stress on the overworked stomach, regulate peristalsis and muscle contractions of the digestive tract.

With regulated muscle contractions in the stomach, problems such as constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and diarrhea can be helped.

Honey is different than our regular sugar it contains both fructose (slow acting sugar) and glucose (fast acting sugar).

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Natural sugar such as fructose tends to keep you fuller for a longer period of time.

While studies have proven that people who drink honey and lemon water first thing in the morning are fuller and not binge in between meals. Hence the first step towards weight loss.

Honey & Lemon for weight loss

Honey is taken with some lemon water in the morning boost metabolism. This concoction of honey and lemon with warm water aids in weight loss by the presence of honey which has a low glycemic index hence gets absorbs faster.

It also has antioxidants and flavonoids which helps in building immunity.

While pectin from lemon improves gut’s health and act as a detoxifying agent. This warm concoction flushes out toxins and acts as a detox to the body when taken as a first thing in the morning.

Apart from aiding in weight loss, honey has other benefits too.

Replace your empty calories(table sugar) to prevent obesity

Refined sugars lack minerals and vitamins which are empty calories. These refined doesn’t have any important nutrients to offer hence they draw nutrients from our body.

Whereas honey is a natural sweetener with 22 amino acids and a variety of minerals which are essential for metabolism and can prevent obesity.

Boost metabolism

It is believed for the longest time that warm lemon water with honey, when consumed in the morning, can boost metabolism.

It is the most used tip for weight loss while pushing the sluggish metabolism to give a boost. Many people have found that this has been an effective way to lose weight when consumed on a daily basis.

Optimize digestion for weight loss

Honey is a simple carbohydrate and breaks down easily once entered the stomach, hence, digested easily.

Even though honey has some extra calories than table sugar, it is easily digested and keeps you full for a longer time. Hence, the consumption of honey with warm lemon water aids in weight loss.



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