Fat Loss Drink For Women
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Girls Drink This Everyday For One Month and See What Happens – Fat Loss Drink For Women

A study stated that women have 6-10% more fat than men. In women, fat is stored around the thighs, hips, breast and waist. Due to this, overall appearance look as the pear-shaped body. We all knew that women have many responsibilities, they need to take care of their family. Due to lack of time and interest, they neglect their overall health. Lack of exercise, improper diet and irregular lifestyle are the major causes of weight gain. Excess fat accumulation in the body leads to many health issues including obesity, the risk of diabetes, blood pressure fluctuation etc.

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Here is an amazing fat loss natural drink which helps you to shed extra fat from the body. This health drink possesses powerful medicinal properties to lose weight and works as natural detox drink.


Cucumber slices   – 1 Cup

Basil Leaves         –  8

Black Pepper       – 5 seeds

Ginger(chopped) – 1 Tsp

Lemon Juice        –  1 Tsp

Honey                   –  2 Tsp

Warm water        – 200 ml

Add cucumber slices, basil leaves, ginger, black pepper to a mixer. Blend them until all the stuff becomes smooth. Now add warm water and blend once again. Finally, add lemon juice and honey to the juice.

Take this drink 15 minutes before lunch every day for about one month. Never skip your meals. Drink lots of water because weight loss is linked with water intake. Do moderate exercise and avoid outside foods. You will find a noticeable difference in the body from in and out.

9 Health & Beauty Benefits Of Fat Loss Drink

  1. Aids in Proper digestion
  2. Boosts body’s natural immunity
  3. Burns body fat
  4. Detoxifies the body
  5. Gives clear skin
  6. Purifies the blood
  7. Protects skin from various skin infections
  8. Gives radiant glow
  9. Reduces blemishes and dark spots
  10. Improves Vision

So try it yourself and get maximum benefits out of this. You can also check




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