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Deepika Padukone’s Diet, Yoga, Workout And Beauty Secrets Revealed

deepika padukone makeup

Recently accolade with Times 100 most influential people, Deepika Padukone is our Indian actress standing tall among all. This Bollywood actress is known for her extremely crafted career with awards winning movies in her kitty, endorsements, etc. Deepika has always been appreciated for her beauty, body and her panache. Her effortless styling attracts a lot of young girls to be yourself and enjoy being casual. She has always seen travelling comfortably and in a chic way! With almost all eyes on her, Deepika manages her life by following a proper diet, yoga, workout, and beauty regime.

Deepika Padukone Diet Plan

This long-legged actress is known for her weakness for south Indian cuisine. She has a strict control over her food habits which stops her eating sweets, junk, etc. food items. She usually eats Gharkakhana which helps her to follow her diet.

deepika padukone food

Her usual day goes by eating following food items:

  • Pre-Breakfast  A glass of warm water with one lemon and a spoon of organic honey
  • Breakfast  2 Eggs + Low-fat Milk or South Indian Breakfast i.e. Upma or Idli or Quinoa + 2 Almonds
  • Post Breakfast A cup full of fruits
  • Lunch Rotis + Grilled Fish + Veggies
  • Evening Snacks  2 Almonds + Filter Coffee
  • Dinner Chapattis + Veggies + Salads

Apart from following her diet, Deepika doesn’t indulge in junk or oily food. Her perfect way to be healthy is to eat seasonal fruits. She keeps herself hydrated by having coconut water and fresh juices.

She avoids eating non-vegetarian food in the nights. Also, she keeps herself off from eating rice. To curb her sweet tooth, she indulges herself in dark chocolates.

She keeps her workout routines mixed with yoga, Pilates, weight training, etc.

Deepika’s Yoga Regime

Deepika is very fond of yoga asanas. To her, yoga helps in rejuvenating her mind, body, and soul. Yoga plays an important role in toning the body and it keeps your body refreshed for a long day ahead.  Yoga and meditation help in concentration and strengthen the core of the body. Her asanas comprise of Surya Namaskar (10 cycles), Marjariasana (cat pose), Sarvangasana(shoulder pose), Virabhadrasana (the warrior pose), deep breathing, Pranayama, and meditation.

Deepika Padukone Workout Routine

deepika padukone diet

The Bollywood actress is seen doing her Pilates with the famous celebrity workout trainer, Yasmin Karachiwala. Deepika does her Pilates religiously every day for an hour. When she is outdoor on her shoots, she does her yoga and Pilates by herself. According to Yasmin, her trainer, yoga, and Pilates together work wonders to the Deepika’s body. It helps strengthen her core while toning her body to perfection. It increases body endurance and helps her relax better. Meditation, on the other hand, gives her steady control on her body. The Pilates machines include foam weights, wunda chair, resistance bands are some of the machines, Deepika use in her workout routine. Pilates has helped her with flexibility, strengthening the core and improving her posture.

Since Deepika doesn’t like gym, her entire workout routine has redefined by the introduction of Pilates. But she does gym even though she isn’t fond of it, she does light weight training. For Deepika, the workout should be fun and not forced.

Apart from yoga, Pilates and gym, Deepika does have interest in dancing. Her dance fitness schedule kicks in mostly during shoots and according to her, it’s a great workout in itself. The Bollywood dances are intense and fun at the same time-says Deepika.

Lastly, we shouldn’t forget that Deepika comes from a sports family. Her father was a renowned Badminton player while her little sister is a golf player. So you can figure that Deepika has her discipline coming from her father. She herself played in State level Badminton game during her modelling days. Her sports life has incorporated a lot of discipline, sportsmanship, and determination in her in the very early stage of her life.

Deepika’s Beauty Secrets

Deepika Padukone fitness

Beauty is all about eating right things. As we all know, Deepika has the most flawless skin and also the most glowy and dewy skin. Although she gives credit to her genes and her metabolism. Deepika makes sure, she is well hydrated with water. Coconut water and fresh juices are her alternatives to that. A balanced diet with a good workout routine and adequate sleep are some of the secrets to her beautiful skin.



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