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Celebrity Victoria Beckham Alkaline diet Plan! Positives And Negatives At A Glance

Alkaline diet has been considered a lot in the past few years when fashion model and mom of 3 Victoria Beckham follows it, you are sure to peep into it.

So what is alkaline diet?

Alkaline diet consists of diet which is rich in food items which will maintain or help you reach the pH of alkaline state i.e. 7 to 14. pH scale is measured as to specify acidity or basicity of any liquid solution from 0 to 14, where acidic substances range from 0 to 7, 7 is neutral while 7to 14 is basic. For instance, calcium is highly alkaline at pH 10 while vinegar is set at pH of 2 which is acidic. Our body’s natural habitat is between 7.35 – 7.45.

Now we know what alkalinity means, how does it affect our diet?

Eating alkaline food items can help you maintain the pH required by your body. It helps you to work towards an active and healthy lifestyle by balancing pH by making smarter eating choices.

Choosing food items such as vegetables, fruits and legumes will drastically add to alkalinity in your body.

It is said that our entire body pH should be 80% alkaline with 20% acidic food, this a thumb rule for every food and every drink you may consume.

While food items such as meat, poultry, eggs, dairy items, processed sugar, coffee, alcohol are categorized as acidic food items.

Advantages of the alkaline diet

  • Since no junk food such as processed food items, fried and sugary drinks are a strict no-no, the diet is a step towards clean eating leading to losing weight. The alkaline diet can help to maintain gut health which is of utmost importance when considering an overall change in your diet.
  • The diet calls for switching to fruits, vegetables and grains and no meat such especially red meat. This diet is more so a way of life rather than just a diet form.
  • While some diets demand complete elimination of certain food groups, while in the alkaline diet doesn’t ask to stop eating acidic food, simply cut back.
  • The diet is easy to maintain and follow.
  • There will be good changes in the way to look. Since you cut back on sugar and refined food items, the connection between eating food items with high glycemic index leads to sagging skin.
  • If on any type of antacid medication, with prolonged following the diet, the medication can be controlled.

Disadvantages Of alkaline diet

  • As we mentioned, the alkaline diet is more of a way of living rather than diet. Hence, there are not enough claims which support by relevant scientific evidence.
  • Food items such as dairy, meat, and eggs contain important proteins and nutrients which are essential for the body.
  • Acids such amino acids, fatty acids and DNA are essential building blocks of the body.
  • The human body can regulate its own pH, which is done majorly by kidneys. Therefore, altering your diet to get your pH right is not a compulsion.
  • You may not lose weight considering switching to a vegan or plant-based diet can lead to overstuffing as they are more nutritious and healthy. Even though food you consume is healthy, it will add up the calories leading to weight gain also.
  • The food items such as lemon, apple cider vinegar are considered as alkaline foods even though they are acidic in nature which can get confusing. Most of the everyday food items are off limits such as tea, coffee, berries, etc. although you need to ration them.



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