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Bio Oil Review: Oil For Scars & Stretch Marks

We all have had stretch marks in our life or will have in the future. We are not intimidating you but they do exist and like all the problems we have.

Stretchmarks or cellulite are seen in various stages of life such as when you lose weight suddenly or when you gain weight and of course there is pregnancy if you are women.

To bring the miracle of your life into the world, some stretch marks are okay.

Bio oil has been in the market to deal with stretch marks and have some amazing reviews.

Here in this article, we will learn in depth about bio oil and other things related to the products.

Bio Oil Description & Packaging

Bio oil is a face and body oil which is extensively used for stretch marks and reducing acne scars and spots.

It comes in a standard white thick cardboard packaging with orange graphics. The outer packaging has bio oil written with its symbol and its skincare benefits (which will be covered later in the article).

The bottle has a sleek design and has the same graphics on the outer packaging. The cap is white and can be easily opened while there is another opening from where the product can be used which has a small hole in it.

The hole ensures that you don’t spill the product and also you will only need a few drops for the application.

Bio oil is available in three different sizes

60ml for Rs. 395

125ml for Rs. 645

200ml for Rs. 900

The bottle is easily available online and in stores. And also sometimes at a discounted prices.


  • Paraffinumliquidum,
  • Triisononanoin,
  • CetearylEthylhexanoate,
  • Isopropyl myristate,
  • Retinyl palmitate,
  • Sunflower seed oil,
  • Tocopheryl acetate,
  • Chamomile flower oil,
  • Lavender oil,
  • Rosemary leaf oil,
  • Marigold oil,
  • Wild soyabean oil,
  • BHT,
  • Bisabolol,
  • Parfum,
  • Alpha-isomethyl ionone,
  • Amyl cinnamal,
  • Benzyl salicylate,
  • Citronellol,
  • Coumarin,
  • Eugenol,
  • Farsenol,
  • Geraniol,
  • Hydroxycitronellal,
  • Hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde,
  • Limonene,
  • Linalool,
  • CI 26100 (Color).

How Does Ingredients In Bio Oil Work?

With all the above ingredients which include rosemary oil, chamomile oil, lavender, calendula and vitamin A and E are some essentials to reduce the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation and also works on stretch marks.

Rosemary oil reduce inflammation and heals wounds (great for reducing scars). Chamomile oil evens out skin tone and reduces pigmentation. Lavender oil is a great antioxidant and reduces skin damage.

Calendula oil is the moisturizing agent in the bio-oil (great for dry skin). While vitamin A & E are antioxidants.

The product claims to reduce the appearance of scars old or new. It can drastically reduce stretch marks and this product is raved about all around the world.

It is pregnancy safe and can be used at any given time of the pregnancy.

Due to the presence of such great ingredients, it works on uneven skin tone, pigmentation and acne marks.

It also works for dehydrated skin by providing moisture. Due to its anti-aging properties, it can work for wrinkles and fine lines.

Also, not to confuse the product claims of reducing the marks.

The product only claims to reduce the appearance of the scars and lighten the dark spots.

How To Use Bio oil?

The packaging includes a leaflet which guides through the use of bio-oil in your daily life. The leaflet explains in depth how to apply the oil to various parts of the body.

Just take 2-3 drops of bio oil on the palms and massage on the affected areas twice daily. Make sure to use for at least 2- 3 months for better results.

Pros Of Bio Oil

  • It is available in different sizes, it is travel-friendly.
  • The fragrance is mild and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin type.
  • It has multiple properties such as for reducing pigmentation, acne scars, and uneven skin tone, for moisturizing cuticle and lastly it is excellent for reducing stretch marks during pregnancy.
  • The oil texture is light and can be absorbed into the skin quickly and it is not greasy.
  • The smallest bottle will last you long as you need a few drops for the application.


  • Since it is an oil, it doesn’t work for oily skin. It can break out oily skin people.
  • It is an expensive product and since the results take time to show, it can get out of the budget.



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