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8 Winter Haircare Tips You Should Definitely Follow

Summer has left us and gone are oily skin and sticky hair. But with winters we have a whole new set of problems. While skin is more affected with dry and flakiness, the most neglected part of your body is your hair. Hair in winter season can have a mind of its own and managing them can be a task. Following are 8 winter haircare tips you should definitely follow-

1. Avoid hot showers

Hot showers can be soothing in the bitter cold weather. Also, hot water will strip down the natural oils from the hair and from the scalp. Scalp provide growth and nourishment to the hair hence maintaining that health is important. Rather than stripping down oil with hot showers, use warm or lukewarm water for hair and also for the body. Also with low water temperature, you can control frizz from the length of the hair.

2. Avoid heat

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If you have long hair it is next to impossible to dry your hair on its own. While it takes ages to dry your hair, blow drying can come to rescue. If you wash hair in the morning and have to show up to work, it is nearly impossible to avoid blow drying. If you cannot avoid blow drying, use it on cold setting after squeezing out the excess amount of water and tie your hair with a soft towel or your t-shirt you don’t use anymore. The soft material of the cloth will keep the frizz away while maintaining the health of hair by not damaging the wet hair.

3.Oil your hair

This is an unsaid rule, oiling your hair is a must. Oil therapy provides health and nourishment to the hair and the scalp. Maintaining scalp health is crucial as we get new hair follicles from the scalp (Roots). There are so many different types of hair oil available in the market such as coconut oil, olive oil, etc. choose whichever you like and warm it up for deep penetration into the scalp. Alternatively, if you have dandruff problem you can add a few drops of tea tree oil in your choice hair oil and massage thoroughly.

4. Never skip conditioner

We have all been there, where we are late and skip the conditioner. A conditioner is like a treatment in a bottle. Conditioner maintains or treats your hair. Using the right conditioner is key to having great hair. For instance, using sulfate-free conditioner for colored or treated hair will give you better results and lock in the hair color for more time. Also using conditioner will control the frizz and static you get from your winter wardrobe.

5.Hair mask for the win

Winter is the time when you need to take all your DIY tricks from your sleeves to put them to use. We have all saved those hair mask recipe for our next lazy Sunday, use them to bring shine and remove dullness from your hair. Since we are here talking about hair mask, here is a recipe for dull and lackluster hair, use a ripe banana, mashed it and add honey and coconut oil to form a smooth paste. Apply on the hair and keep it for 20 minutes. Wash it off with warm water and continue your haircare routine.

6. Don’t comb wet hair



No matter how much you are tempted to do this, it is strictly a no-no. Wet hair is weak and tangled. Putting pressure and energy to detangle them is firstly unnecessary and also not required. If you still want to comb your wet hair (which again is a big no-no) before washing your hair, part them in two equal halves, comb them and wash them in two equal halves. This will ensure less hair is tangled together and washing them is easier too. Also always use a wide tooth comb, it detangles hair beautifully without tugging and pulling of hair.

7.No heat

0The urge to style your hair is evident although heating tools damage much more on a deeper level than just the surface of the hair. Flatiron, curling wand have way too much heat for your hair to handle. Instead, style them with overnight curls with a hairband. But if you insist on styling your hair always you a heat protectant which can protect your hair from heat damage.

8. Eat healthy

eat healthy

Beauty is subjective yet very much depends on what you eat. What you decide to eat is what your skin and hair will look like. For better hair, food items with omega 3 fatty acids, fruits, proteins, veggies are important for the nourishment of your hair, thus including fish, iron, vitamins, etc. in your diet is of utmost importance.



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