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8 Easy Homemade Face Masks For Teenagers

Teenagers skin is technically in the budding stage and some of them might have undergone a drastic change due to hormonal change. While parents don’t feel the same as teenagers do, facial changes can be daunting. 

In the process of many changes happening through the teenagers, not having a good skin day is not an option.

To help you achieve clear, glowing skin, we hereby list 8 homemade face mask for teenagers which will not break your bank or your parents.

These homemade mask ingredients are easily available in our home which includes yoghurt, besan, rose water, egg, and seasonal and non-seasonal fruits.

These ingredients are not only pocket-friendly, easily available in our kitchen pantry but have some great skin benefits for the teenagers’ skin.

1. Strawberry mask

Strawberries are great for all skin types, using strawberries will provide brightness, tighten pores and imparts clear skin. Mash 2-3 strawberries and add then add yoghurt to form a nice homogenous paste. Apply on the face and let it stand for 15-20minutes. Wash it off with water and pat dry.

2. Milk, lemon and turmeric mask

Mix 3tbsp of milk, 1 tbsp of lemon and a pinch of turmeric, mix well. Apply on face and let it dry for 15-20 minutes. After washing your face, you will see an instant glow to your face. Turmeric is an antibacterial, great for keeping acne at bay.

3. Egg and yoghurt mask

This mask is great for tightening the skin and pores. Mix 1 egg white with 1 tbsp of yoghurt thoroughly. This is the best moisturizing mask for the skin. Use this homemade mask once weekly for clear and tighten skin.

4. Banana and oats mask

Mash half a banana and add 1 tbsp of oats, mix well. Apply this mask and let it dry for a few minutes.

When it’s time to remove, gently spritz some water and gently massage the mask onto the face.

This mask can double as a face scrub which exfoliates dead skin and give you much needed clear and glowing skin.

Bananas have some power-packed ingredients beneficial for skin and oats are great for sensitive skin which can take care of sunburn also.

5. Besan and rose water

Besan aka gram flour is an excellent antibacterial agent which can double up as exfoliant too. While pure rose water is a natural toner and soothing agent.

Mix both the ingredients, make a paste, apply on the face and let it dry. Wash with regular water and spritz some rose water for added freshness.

6. Lemon and sugar

For this homemade face mask/ scrub, you will need 1 tbsp of fine-milled sugar, you can use brown sugar too. Add lemon juice and make a paste.

Gently massage this face pack on the skin. Sugar is a natural exfoliator and lemon is an antibacterial as well as a brightening agent.

After gently scrubbing this for a few minutes, let it sit on the skin for few minutes and wash it off.

Alternatively, you can use this mask on the dried skin such as elbows, knees, etc. or as an overall body scrub.

7. Multanimitti and rose water

Multanimitti is great for acne and oily skin types. Multanimitti has the potential to attract all the excess sebum and leave you with tighter skin and closed pores.

While rose water is a natural face toner. Make a smooth paste with Multanimitti and rose water, apply on the face and let it dry. Wash it off with water.

8. Tomato and lemon juice

Tomato and lemon both have brightening properties. Just take one tomato and grind it and sieve the pulp. With the remaining liquid mix lemon juice in equal quantities.

This face pack will help with uneven skin tone and pigmentation on the skin. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off.



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