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7 Expert Suggestions On Career Planning

Career planning is an extremely important and crucial step in an individual professional life. Career planning focuses on what kind of professional life you want and can achieve via your own self-assessment. While planning a career which is mostly after college, there is a different way you can help yourself.

Why Do We Need To Plan Our Career?

Personal and professional life goes hand in hand always look out for what you want. If the focus is clear of what you want professionally you won’t aimlessly work towards your goal.

Planning beforehand will save you a lot of time rather than going in a direction because of peer pressure or parents. Choosing what you want to pursue is the right way to go.

When doing your research about what you want to pursue can lead to many new and upcoming fields which are yet unknown but promising. Keep your mind open and there is definitely something stored for you.

There are many benefits to career planning but with following 7 steps to build your career.

1. Self-Assessment

The very basic of career planning relies on what interests you, your strength, your weakness, and your future goals. Questions such as what motivates you? What are your personal goals? Where do you see yourself in future (5 or 10 years)? If you still have doubts, go for an online quiz or career quiz.

2. Market Research

Once you self-assessed your strength, weakness, and goals and write down your career options. It is necessary to do market research before diving into your choice of career. Research about what field you want to work or you could work, this will help to get an idea about your career choice. You can alternatively take up the internship to know more about the field, its working style, and office environment.

3. Identify The Glitch

If you think an online course or an offline course might help you build your career, go for it. Attend seminars to know more about the field of career. Any gap can be filled, just make sure you know what kind of glitch you have.

4. Fill The Gap

Once you find out what kind of gap you have, find different ways to fill it. If you are serious about the career, you can also consider going back to college or taking part courses. There are distance learning courses which can allow you to work yet help you upgrade your current job status.

5. Choose The Best

after narrowing down to 2-3 options, check what matches most with your interests, goals, and future. The earlier you choose in your life more time you get to know it better and may be able to switch if things don’t work out.

6. Create a Plan/Path

Every job profile has an epitome level and to reach that, you need a path, set only by you. There are no shortcuts and no skipping any steps. Work towards your goals and be focused.

7. Work Hard

Everything comes with a price tag, your dream job/career may not be acceptable by everyone but you need to put faith and dedication to it. Working hard towards your goals is what you should be doing, selflessly.



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