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6 Reasons To Add Spinach(Palak) To Our Diet

Spinach is very much famous as spinach artichoke dip. Spinach is a highly nutritious leafy vegetable loaded with iron, vitamins, phytonutrients, and minerals making it a great addition to your meal plan.

Spinach belongs to Amaranthaceae family native to Central and West Asia. This dark green leafy vegetable is mostly added to salads, smoothies, garnishing, mixed with dal and other vegetables to make delicious dishes.

Spinach Nutrition

According to USDA Food Composition Database

100 g of raw spinach contains

91.4 g of Water

23 kcal of Energy

2.86 g of Protein

0.39 g of Fat

3.63 g of Carbohydrate

2.2 g of Dietary fiber

99 mg of Calcium

2.71 mg of Iron

79 mg of Magnesium

49 mg of Phosphorous

558 mg of Potassium

79 mg of Sodium

0.53 mg of Zinc28.1 mg of Vitamin C

0.078 mg of Thiamin

0.189 mg of Riboflavin

0.724 mg of Niacin

0.195 mg of Vitamin B-6

194 ug of Folate

9377 IU of Vitamin A

2.03 mg of Vitamin E

482.9 ug of Vitamin K

0 mg of Cholesterol

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Health Benefits Of Spinach

Let’s have a look at the benefits of adding spinach to our diet

1. Prevents Anemia

Iron is needed for the body to produce hemoglobin, a protein needed for transferring oxygen in your blood from the lungs to the tissues. We already have seen spinach contains a good amount of iron.

2. Boots Immune Power

Spinach is packed with antioxidants and beta carotene which can boost your immune system. And vitamin A in spinach can give you healthy tissues which are very important for overall health.

3. Weight Loss

Adding spinach to your regular diet may also help you lose weight as it is low in carbohydrates and it contains zero cholesterol. So adding a cup of spinach in your supper gives better results.

4. Heart Health

Thickening of arteries can cause heart stokes. As spinach contain a good amount of lutein, it prevents thickening of artery walls.

5. Anti-aging

Free radicals can damage our skin and makes our skin age faster. As spinach is loaded with lots of antioxidants, it can destroy the free radicals. Thereby protects your skin from pre-mature aging. it is also a very good source of vitamin A and vitamin C which plays a crucial role in repairing damaged skin cells.

6. Promoting Healthy Hair Growth

As this superfood contains good amounts of iron and potassium, they can support the growth of hair follicles and also makes exciting hair dense and strong.



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