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50 Simplest Ways To Save Money

Planning can certainly be daunting, here we are stating 50 different ways you can save money and still live life comfortably.

Read on to know the simplest ways to save more money.

1. Mortgage Payments

Unless you want to travel to your workplace every day for 1 hours and reach tired and same when you reach back home. It is more sensible to buy a home closer to your workplace as it will save your traveling time and expense. Plus when you reach home you have more time to yourself and for your family.

Even though this idea doesn’t seem to add up, buying a home is better long term deal than renting it out. Find out various banks and what suits your financial status. Taking a mortgage loan with best interest rate is essential. If your salary allows, over pay your mortgage amount.

This can assure you that you will pay for mortgage earlier than expected, making you mortgage free earlier in life, in turn more mortgage free life.

Even though this idea doesn’t seem to add up, buying a home is better long term deal than renting it out. Find out various banks and what suits your financial status. Taking a mortgage loan with best interest rate is essential.

If your salary allows, over pay your mortgage amount. This can assure you that you will pay for mortgage earlier than expected, making you mortgage free earlier in life, in turn more mortgage free life.

2.Credit Cards Debts

Clear the most important and expensive debt i.e. credit card debt. Sure, swiping the golden card makes the life easier, but if you can’t clear the credit card debt by the end of every month, the balance can add up to next month and the interest rate can range from anywhere 17-22%. Consider a low-interest loan as an alternative or borrowing from a friend.

3.Cut On Fuel

It is easier to push the engine button and drive to work. But it is slowly casting a hole in your pocket. After mortgage and car loan, fuel prices take away your money. Consider carpooling with your co-workers or take a bus for a change.

4. Cut On Home Phone

Common home phone is practical a show piece. Nowadays everyone has a cell phone and services such as caller ID and voicemail options are available too. You can cancel out the home phone and get a better mobile service for the whole family.

5. Mobile Phone Bills

Now that home phones are out of the scene that means your personal mobile phone will be put to use. Take a plan best suited for your needs, or even better pay as you use. It will not only give you an idea of how much you use but you can also be able to control the use of mobile phones.

6. Make Shopping List

Before setting the foot in the grocery store, always make a list of what you want to buy. Planning a meal for a week can help you buy what exactly you need and sticking to the grocery list will not only saves you lot of money but it will save your time too.

7. Buy Home Brands

Buying home brands of any grocery stores will surely up your savings game. It is good when you want to try out new stuff, it is practically the same. Consider it as generic form of the original brand product you wanted to buy.

8. Don’t Buy Designer Labels

Designer labels can rip you off if you are on the budget. They are not only expensive but their maintenance take a lot of money. Consider buying in a dupe for the brand. If you still can’t stop yourself from shopping designer label, at least shop during sale period.

9.Sell What You Don’t Need

If you are done using an item or a dress and you think you won’t be using it again, try giving it up completely. You can collect those items you don’t need and then arrange a garage sale or sell it on eBay or look for more online websites who can give you better deals.

10.Do DIY

There is nothing as satisfying as making something from your own hand. DIY are great fun and can boost your creative skills. There are plenty options to look for on internet. Pinterest has the most versatile DIY ranging from home, décor, personal, etc. just make sure you don’t end up buying more stuff for your DIY.

11.Keep Insurance In Check

That auto payment option sounds easier for people who don’t remember the date to make a payment for the insurance. Compare various insurance websites before actually settling for the one.

12.Book Early

If you are a frequent flyer or travel every few months, investing your money wisely. Take the advantage of miles card which can get a free ticket or so. Booking beforehand makes ticket inexpensive than booking last minute.

13.Book Your Flights/hotels On Your Own

Holidays are for fun and you don’t want to stress yourself but with a little research and reading some blogs on travelling can help you book your own hotels and flights. It is just matter of few hours and you can get it right.

14.Avoid Expensive Nights/brunch

Sure spending quality is necessary but by cutting down on that expenses, you can have the same fun at your home. Call out you friends home, cook some dinner, quality time doesn’t need a lot of stuff, your presence matter the most.

15.Trade Down The Car

An expensive looking car is good to drive and for a show off but practically a car with good mileage is good for a long term investment.

16.Ask Yourself If You Really Need It

Before buying anything for yourself or for home or for your significant other, always ask a question- do you/they really need this? The question can be answers to lot of your other questions. Piling stuff only coz it’s cute won’t cut the deal. It should be use in our practical day to day life.

17.Walk/cycle More

This is not only a hack, but a great form of exercise. Walk or cycle to your destination.

18.Cut Down On Booze

Alcohol can be fun with friends and sure it adds up to every event. But it is not only costing you but in long term it is degrading your body too. Avoid alcohol and start taking care of your body.

19.Cut Down On Smoking

Same as alcohol, smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer and can lead to death.

20.Cancel Gym Membership

We all know how many exact days you go to gym. It is not sensible to keep the gym membership on only because you will be visiting later in the month. Better cancel off the gym membership and try working out at home, there are plenty workout regime on the internet to follow.

21. Use Your Library

Use your community library to rent out CDs or DVD for movie night. It is great as it is cheaper than renting it out on iTunes. The community library also have books, if you are an avid reader.

22. Buy Presents In Sale

Sales are great in order to buy stuff which are expensive but also good to give them as a present for an occasion.

23. Claim Your Tax Benefits

You pay for it, better take the advantage.

24. Cut On TV Cable

Everything is practically on internet, who needs a TV cable?

25. Make Your Own Meals

As boring at it may sound, planning a meal can cut on outside food, saves you lot of money and leftovers can be your breakfast.

26. Avoid Extended Warranty

Nobody actually uses the extended warranty. Better say no.

27. Shop Online

If you think you will end up buying more stuff when shopping in the store, try shopping online, it is easy, convenient and order comes home.

28. Use Piggy Bank

Every week try and put an amount in a piggy bank, sounds old school. But it will make great difference when you see amount of money you add to your savings.

29. Tell you friend that you are on a budget

Friends and family are a great support system. If you are trying and following a route of savings, tell them upfront, who knows they might get inspired by you and join you.

30. Do the romantic dinner at home

You don’t need a fancy 5-star hotel for your date night. Date night can be done at home, look for more options on Pinterest.

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31. Use leftovers wisely

Cook wisely, batch preparations are must. Calculate the amount and then cook. Leftover food is food which is not wisely prepared.

32. Plan And Schedule

The most important of all, plan and schedule. It is important to have a set schedule for daily routine chores or else it can leave you puzzled to what to cook or appointment cancellation, etc.

33. Stash Good Snacks

Meals which aren’t your main meals cost you more than your actual meal. While grocery shopping, pick up some healthy snacks such as trail mix or nuts, which are enough to keep you satisfied till your next meal.

34. Compare Grocery Stores

Always compare grocery flyer, and decide where you want you shop.

35. Get Loyalty Cards

Getting Loyalty cards not only add up to the points, they can earn you free stuffs too.

36. Take Banking Online

Saving on those papers which comes as bills and statements is a great way on saving money.

37. Use Electricity Wisely

Try and switch off the lights and fan when you are not in the room. It can do a massive difference.

38. Make Your Own Coffee

Everyday you spent a certain amount of money on coffee, imagine saving that money! It is cheaper to buy a high-end coffee machine than do rounds of coffee shops.

39. Bring Your Own Lunch

Another no brainer, like coffee, making and bringing your lunch to work can save you huge amount of money.

40. Reuse For Better

Putting things to use again and again, improve its productivity.

41. Recycle For Environment

Recycling is a great way of helping the environment. Say no to plastic bags, cups, etc. can help the environment.

42. Get Coupons

Coupons are great way to save on groceries. There are dedicated phone apps which generates coupons and sometimes flyers have coupons too.

43. Carpool

Carpool helps cutting down on fuel which is a great way on saving money. Plus who doesn’t like a little company while driving?

44. Use Cash As Much As Possible

This hack helps you to keep a track on the amount of money you spent. When you spent hard earned money, it is harder to give it away.

45. Savings Account

A saving account is a smart choice of banking. Savings account gives extra benefit to the banking.

46. Smart Shopper

To be a smart shopper, always check your fridge before grocery shopping, check your wardrobe before clothes shopping. This ensures that you have a clear idea of what to shop.

47. Compare And Bargain

Before buying any type of insurance, be it car, house or life, always make sure to compare and bargain to get the best deal.

48. Sign Up For Coupons/ Offers

Those emails can be super annoying but when subscribing, only tick off the offers check box.

49. Borrow

Every special occasion doesn’t ask you to buy new dress or new heels. You can borrow from a friend or rent it for an easier option.

50. Plan But Don’t Over Plan

With all the hacks we just mentioned it is easier to overdo some of them. Planning is a crucial step, and necessary if on budget. But don’t overdo, over planning kills the magic!



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