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20 Secret Weight Loss Tips Shared By Dietitian

Weight loss is a crazy experience which can tire you mentally and physically too.

Here we are shedding 20 tips from Dietician so that you don’t lose your mind or don’t get distracted on the way of weight loss journey.

1. Don’t skip meals

The number one mistake people do when on the weight loss program. Skipping meal is not an ideal way to lose weight. With increasing pressure to look good in a bodycon dress or fit in older jeans we tend to skip our breakfast or dinner.

But health experts say, crash dieting makes you crave more food and you end up eating more when you eat next. Eat at regular intervals choosing the right kind of food.

2. Eat with your eyes

The first thing we notice about anything is the presentation, even if it is food. Take your time to put a few colors on your plate. Cut some veggies such as cucumbers, carrots, salads leaves as your side to your main dishes.

3. Prepare your meals

Eating food you have prepared will not only make you humble for the entire process of cooking, but you will also be more aware of what goes while cooking. Also, it saves money and frequent visits to the restaurant. Prepare your meals in advance so that you don’t come with excuses to run to a restaurant.

4. Store healthy food


Prepare a grocery list before you visit the store and stick to it. Make sure you buy local green veggies and fiber-rich food items such as spinach, arugula, avocados, fruits, etc.

5. Pack nutritious snacks

If you are busy and you have long days ahead of you, packing 5 different boxes won’t be ideal to carry everywhere you go. Instead of that, you can keep fruits by yourself.

Fruits are rich in vitamins and essential minerals while can fill you up with much-needed fibers. Also, carrying nuts such as almonds, pistachios, and walnuts are an excellent way to curb the hunger.

6. Do weekly weight checks

Doing weekly weight check will help you see your progress of how far you have come and what you little changes have brought to you. But don’t start pressurizing yourself into the progress of losing weight. Every week will be different from another, so always be patient with yourself.

7. Protein-rich breakfast

Proteins have amino acids which are building blocks for our muscles. Also, protein keeps you full for longer time. Rather than filling yourself with protein powder, eat from naturally available protein sources such as eggs, Greek yogurt with fresh fruits, and tofu are some of the options of protein-rich breakfast.

8. Eat more greens

Greens such as salad leaves, arugula, lettuce, spinach are a great source of iron and other essential vitamins and minerals. While they provide nutrition, they make great as a side dish to your main course. Hence, you end up eating more good stuff.

9. Control your portions

It is proven that if you eat in a smaller plate than your usual, you tend to eat less. If this doesn’t work for your mind, eating every few hours can do its job too.

10. Hydrate yourself

herbal tea for flu

10 out of 7 times when you feel hungry it’s not because you are really hungry it can be ‘coz you are dehydrated. Drinking at least 2-3 liters of water a day is suggested. Water helps to wash off toxins from the body and keep all the organs well lubricated for its normal functioning.

11. Keep a food journal/app

Keeping a track of what you are eating and what you have consumed for the day is the easy way to keep a track on calorie intake. If you are old school and always have a pen and a notebook, write it down while if you are a gadget freak person, there are several apps at your disposal.

12. Don’t starve yourself

Also the biggest mistake. Not eating when you should it will only lead to overeating. Also refraining from all your favorites will only lead to self-destruction of your diet program. Occasionally treat yourself with what you love to eat but again portion control is the key.

13. Eat at home

Weight loss tips

Eating at home can do many things for you. Firstly you will save tons of money on restaurant bills. With a set grocery list on hand, you will not overspend on the food. Also prepping ahead of time for lunch and dinner will save you time.

14. Make small changes

Only you can add personal touches to your food. When you are cooking, you can add and minus according to your taste and make alterations. Choosing the right kind of food will help you in the long-term goal of diet.

15. Take your time to eat

It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to understand that your stomach is full. Unless if you finish eating before this, there are chances you are overeating. Take your time while eating your meals. Chew every morsel and enjoy the food.

16. Eat healthy fats

Not all fats are bad. Healthy fats are referred to monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats which are found in avocados, olive oil, walnuts, flaxseeds, etc. are great for your body. This food not only supply you with great nutrients also they are healthy and keep you full for longer time.

17. Set goals, one at a time

To achieve anything in life, there should a goal. To achieve a goal there should be rules and determination to fulfill that goal.

Keto Diet Plan

When following a diet plan, never tire yourself to achieve a certain number on a weighing scale. It will not only lead you to a downward path of crash diet and shortcuts it can mess up your digestive system too. Set one goal at a time like avoiding soda for a week and follow that.

18. Focus on good night sleep

Sleep is a biological way of rejuvenating your body on a cellular level. It is necessary to follow a 7-8 hours’ sleep pattern. Ample sleep assures that your body is well rested and can do the task for next day.

19. Focus on positives

Even though you lose 1 kg in the first week of the diet, don’t get disheartened. Each and every individual body is different and it responds differently. Focus on your diet plan and enjoy the process.

20. Find ways to move in a day


With all these small tweaks in your food, it will be added advantage if you can spare some time for exercise. If you are not the one who likes to go to the gym, join a class for yoga, Pilates or Zumba. Even swimming can help you with an entire body workout.



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