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18 Easy Hair Care Tips From The Experts

There is so much to hair care than shampooing the hair for long voluminous and thick hair. Hair adds so much to your personality that it deserves all the time and attention. Women and men spent so much time on hair so that they look great but actually there is more to hair care than just adding few hair products. Here we are sharing top 18 tips every girl should know in order to achieve great hair.

1. Oil Frequently

Mom, her mom and her mom, every elder lady in the family have at least once in their lifetime has emphasized on oily your hair. Oiling your hair can do wonders, it can nourish and strengthen your hair while providing shine too.

2. Don’t Brush Wet Hair

Wet hair is in the most brittle state. They are tangled due to rubbing the shampoo on the hair causing breakage. Instead, use a wide tooth comb to detangle the hair.

3. Don’t Wash Your Hair Often


Washing hair daily can rip off the natural oils from the scalp. Also washing hair every day means using a hair dryer to dry the excessive water. Instead, try a new hairstyle for days when hair is oily.

4. Use Hair Serum For Frizzy Hair

A correct hair serum will work with your hair type and tone down the frizziness in humid weather while giving shine to them. Use a light texture formula which will not weigh down your hair.

5. Use Sulfate &  Phthalates Free Products

Sulfate and phthalates are bad boys of the hair care products. They tend to strip down the moisture from the hair. Also if you have colored your hair, sulfate and phthalates will cut down on the staying power of the hair color.

6. No Heat

Try to use less heat on the hair. Heating equipment such as straighter, tongs, even hair dryer tend to dry out your hair making hair texture rough. Always use a heat protectant before giving any heat treatment to the hair.

7. Air Dry Hair


The early morning rush is known to everyone. Using hair dryer seem to be a simple and quick way to dry your hair. But sometimes let the hair air dry and you will see the difference yourself.

8. Use Scarf

On days where you are heading in direct sun or out and about the town, always use a scarf or hat to cover your hair. It is a natural way of protecting your hair from harsh sun rays.

9. Don’t Tie Your Hair Tight

High buns or hairstyle which requires sleek look are in these days. But it can harm the roots of your hair. Tying your hair tightly with a hairband especially something which has metal ends.

10. Trim Your Hair


It is ideal to trim down hair every 6-8 weeks. The period allows hair to grow perfectly for the next trimming session. Trimming your hair periodically avoid split ends too.

11. Egg

Egg Pack for hair growth

Applying egg yolk to once a month can make them lustrous and silky. The egg has natural keratin which tames down the frizz and gives silky, smooth hair.

12. Eat Fruits

No matter how much you apply to hair externally, what you consume internally makes a lot of difference. Eating a healthy balanced diet will ensure your body is healthy and perform all the functions properly.

13. Be Gentle

Be gentle to your hair while combing, oiling, and shampooing to the hair. If you are vigorously treating your hair, it will lead to breakage and hair fall.

14. Deep Condition Once A Week

Treating your hair once a week should be feasible with anyone. A well-deserved hair spa or deep conditioning treatment will ensure hair is in good health and revive the hair too.

15. Be Well Hydrated


You must have heard drinking at least 8 glasses of water is good for your health. Well, it is good for your hair too. Our body is made up 80% of water and it acts as a lubricant to so many bodily functions.

16. Use Warm Water

Hot showers are relaxing but it can strip down body’s natural oils and dry out the skin. The same happens to scalp when you take a hot shower to wash your hair. Instead, use lukewarm water.

17. Wash Roots

Shampooing all over hair from roots till ends is what we do. But the correct way to wash your hair is to concentrate your wash on the roots ‘coz that is where all the dirt accumulates.

18. Loose Braid When You Sleep


Almost every girl leave their hair open and sleep but this leads to hair breakage. Instead loosely braid your hair before you sleep.



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