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15 Unexpected Ways To Show Love To Your Mom

Mother’s Day is complimenting and honouring of Mother and Motherhood. The celebration of Mother’s Day began in the early 20th century. It is mostly celebrated in the months of the March and May. In most of the parts, it is celebrated on second Sunday of May.

Mother has given her world to you, she brought you into the world. She deserves more than just a store bought a hallmark card. A little peek into her life, about she likes her coffee or what is her favourite colour, will help you to know her better!

Here are 15unique gift options for your mother, so that she can flaunt that and show you as a proud kid!

1. Relaxing Chair

Imagine one of those nice early summer evenings, where mom is relaxing in a chair with her coffee/teacup. A relaxing chair is definitely a unique gift for a mom who is always in the kitchen, serving you the best of food delicacies.

Relaxing Chair

2. Perfume


If you aren’t aware of what your mother favourite fragrance, peek into her closet and buy her favourite perfume. If she isn’t particularly about her perfume, you can get her something on the similar note as what she is using now. Also, if you aren’t aware what mom will like, get her sample perfume set, she can use it for a certain period of time before selecting the one.


3. Sunglasses

It’s summer and who doesn’t like sunglasses. They are chic and amp up any dull outfit. Even though your mom isn’t a sunglasses person, you can always explain to her the importance of sunglasses. It is UV protectant and works as an anti-ageing for your eyes.


4. Spa coupons

She has outdone herself when it comes to being a daunting mother. She is our 24*7 go-to person. She needs to relax on her day! Get her spa or salon coupons which she will thoroughly enjoy. Book the best and take her with you, enjoy it together or let her alone soak into the moment.

Spa coupons

5. Gift Value Sets

Check online websites such as Nykaa or Sephora for gift value sets. They have some amazing gift set which is best-selling (you can’t go wrong there). These are the excellent way of gifting if you are in dilemma and can’t choose. Plus, gift value sets have great value in terms of money, so that’s a win.


6. Kitchen Utensils Set

If your mom is someone who loves to cook or loves a big dinner party, get her the best of kitchen cookware set or a dinner set to serve. Cooking is something that her child has gifted, will surely make her world go mushy. Plus you get your favourite dessert, what else you need in life!

cookware set7. Dress/Saree

clothing mom

May sound boring, but the thought of buying it is great. It’s obvious that you know her taste what she will love since you see her every day. If you want to go all-in get her something different in terms of style which will show that you have put out a thought in buying the gift.

8. Jewellery

I mean whose doesn’t love jewellery! Get something personalized for her. Like a necklace or a bracelet with initials of family members such as her, father, you or your siblings. Pandora does some exceptional designs for a personalized gift. Add her favourite animal, her zodiac sign, etc.


9. Makeup

Our moms don’t spend much on makeup or maybe not at all. But all mom has that special lipstick which she will wear no matter what. Stock up that same lipstick or get a new lip colour, if you think she will try. It’s all about showing you care.


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10. Membership

Our moms often neglect their own health in the process of doing millions of things for us. And if your mom doesn’t own any membership, it’s a good time to start one. Whether your mom is a yoga person or gym, it will be great if you get her membership or upgrade that.


11. Handbag

There is nothing as too many handbags, there is one for every occasion. And what good than flaunting as an ultimate mothers’ day gift from her favourite child. Look for options or take a female friend if you aren’t comfortable going alone to a ladies handbag shopping.


12. Kindle

This one is for reader mom-Kindle is a great gift. It can carry thousands of books in that slim design. It is a great companion while travelling and doesn’t take space at all and also lightweight.


13. Coffee Mug

Though cliché, it can be a great addition to her mug collection. You can get it personalized by adding her favourite quote from a movie or a book or simply get your and her photo printed on the mug. That mug will constantly remind her of you.

Coffee Mug14. Flowers

When nothing is working out, show up with flowers, obviously her favourite ones. Again you don’t need much preparation.


15. Time

The most important of all- she needs your time. We get so busy with our work and life that we often forget that as time is passing our mom is getting older. Take out some time of your life and spent with her, may doing nothing at all is what best way to celebrate Mother’s day.




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