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15 Essential Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin After Bleaching


The beauty world is obsessed with fair skin, where a fair skin model will be chosen over a deeper complexion model. Even with this regressive thinking, deeper skin people are beautiful inside out. Many skin treatment companies have been selling skin whitening creams and products to lighten the skin color. Skin bleaching or whitening is one of the methods among many to lighten the skin tone. These products are used by women all around the world for achieving blemish-free, lighter and whiter skin tone.

Alternatively, facial bleaches don’t lighten the skin tone, it even tones the facial hair with skin color. Bleaches work against facial hair, as many women don’t like the removal of facial hair via threading or waxing. Facial bleach works best with fair to medium skin tone while with deep skin, the hair gets shiny when seen against the sun. Following are some do’s and don’ts when opting for skin bleaching-

Do’s & Don’ts Of Your Skin After Bleaching

  1. Always read instructions carefully when starting the process. Every brand differs from one another. It is better to read instructions to be on a safer side.
  2. The instructions will ask to do a patch test prior to the application of bleach on the face. Do the patch test on the elbow at least 48 hours before the application to the face. This will save you from potential damage which might happen.
  3. Don’t apply bleach under eyes or eyebrows. The skin under the eyes is the most sensitive, application of bleach is a big no-no. While applying the bleach always secure your head perimeter, checking all the hair are secured properly; bleaching them can give you Goldilocks hair.
  4. Keep the bleach only for a required time, anything more than scheduled time will give you redness and not the results you were expecting.
  5. You can use always use less of activator but never use an excess amount of activator. Also never store the excess amount of bleach mixture. Discard the remaining.
  6. After the bleach application, a slight tingling effect can be felt. If the tingling sensation is beyond your pain threshold, wash it off at once.
  7. When washing the bleach from the face, only use plain water. Do not use any face wash, soap or cleanser on the skin for the next 6-8 hours.
  8. Don’t get exposure to the sun after the application of bleach. The bleach makes skin sensitive, hence the application of bleach in evening is suggested.
  9. If you are using products which have ingredients such as retinol, hydroquinone, glycolic acid, etc. Stop two days prior to application of bleach.
  10. Don’t bleach after scrub, exfoliation or any other skin treatment.
  11. Don’t bleach inflamed or chapped skin.
  12. Always mix the activator and powder of the bleach in a plastic bowl and with a plastic spatula. Metal tends to react with activator.
  13. Do not thread, wax, and epilate or use any other form of hair removal on the bleach area.
  14. Bleach should not use by pregnant women or women who want to conceive.
  15. Lastly, always use bleach on a clean, makeup-free face.



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