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Why It Is Important For Women To Know How To Manage Their Money?

We ladies can go to the moon if needed when heard about the word SALE. Whether we take a heavy paycheck at the end of the month or not, we need to shop to quench our thirst for the latest fashion, jewelry or the mundane-curtains.

It can be anything! But as the economy is degrading and our paycheck isn’t getting any fatter, we ladies need to do a serious intervention towards our savings, just for our near future.

Savings are great, it can show you, your capability of saving money, make you a smart shopper and a responsible adult.

Here we are listing 11 best MONEY SAVING TIPS for women

Maximize Your Sale Experience


Yes, we do shop in the sale season, what’s the difference in this? But if you closely read this point, it says maximize your sales experience. It means even though you like that black skirt which probably you already own in a different style, don’t buy it.

Look for more retail options who might be selling something similar to what you are looking for. Also if you could browse through your wardrobe before raiding the stores or online can help in maximizing the sale experience.

Eliminate Credit Card Debts

Credit Card

Don’t live on credit cards debt. It is a nightmare which doesn’t go away. Credit cards do lure you to shop more coz you don’t have to pay upfront the money you owe to the credit card company but eventually, you do have to.

Always make sure you have the money you are willing to spend rather than waiting for the bill to show up an amount you weren’t expecting.

Use Cash As Much As Possible


This point will help you to keep in check exactly how much you are spending in your day to day life. Since everything has digitalized, paying money is as easy as tapping your card.

Even though it sounds easy and hassle-free, using cash upfront at the cash register will consciously remind you that you are spending your hard-earned money. Also using card makes you unaware of the money left in your account.

Savings Account


Yes, our parents have been insisting to open a savings account, but this time they are right! A savings account not only is a sign of adulthood but it also aids fulfilling long-term financial goal.

A steady savings account can help you get low interest in banking, locker facility, less banking fees, etc. Check with various banks what they can offer and choose what suits your needs.

Be A Smart Shopper

money saving

If you think trying on a clothing piece is the only way you can decide whether you need it or not, shop in the store. Shopping in the store does expose you to more discounts and offers which online sales lack.

Also, you could save on shipping charges too. Always look for promotional codes, offers, and discount or use a friend’s employee discount, if you could.

Use Coupons

ways to save money

As we just talked, use coupons, offers, and discounts, it might sound like a grandma, but trust us, you won’t realize how much you have saved.

You can always keep a small purse for your paper coupons and for online shopping you can always bookmark the page.


how to save money

If someday you sit down and calculate how much spent on all the memberships own, you would lose your mind over it. Those yoga classes which you attend only twice a week are double the amount of a yoga CD. Plus buying a CD is a one-time investment.

Also, those monthly subscription TV channels are burning a hole in your pocket. Be smart and split the subscription with a friend and cut down other subscription channels which you hardly use.

With that being said, sometimes subscription such as COSTCO and other grocery stores can give you ample benefits, so make sure you check those out.

Use App

money saving tips

So using a phone application can save you money, how? There are certain phone applications which give out coupons for first-time buyers and later they give points or rewards for next shopping, take advantage of that.

Also, there are apps which can help you build your grocery list so that you don’t end up piling the cart and paying for what you don’t really need. 

The app can also show you, your current home inventory so that you don’t buy what you already have at your home.

Cut Spending


It is obvious that every Friday night doesn’t have to be a drinking night or a pub crawling. You can always spend the evening with close friends or family at home or just relax and bring in the weekend calmly.

Rather than spending the Saturday morning hung over, try and make brunch at home and see the difference.


saving tips

So you have a high profile event to attend on Saturday night? Or a date night? It just takes one silly excuse to ruin the entire “planning for the future” program.

For a single night event, you will buy a dress, bag, and shoes and much more if you will. Rather than being an impulsive shopper, try and borrow from a friend or best rent it.

There are many genuinely good sites who offer great service for renting a dress, bag or shoes with just one click.

Plan And But Don’t Over Plan

financial planning

With all planning and strategies just mentioned, don’t forget to live! Overplanning kills the magic and it’s true. Cut the expenditure where you should and spent wisely so that your coming future has money for your own betterment.

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