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Winter Skincare Routine By Dermatologists

Winter season bring freezing temperatures, heated rooms, and dry skin too. Even though you never experienced dry skin any time soon, winter will dry out your skin due to dry weather and less humidity. Winters suck out all the moisture from your skin. Dry and chapped skin is painful and looks ugly and patchy. To care for your skin in winter, you need to gear up right before the season unfolds. Following are top 10 winter skincare routine approved by dermatologists.

1. Use the right cleanser

Cleansing is the first step in regular CTM routine and it should be followed religiously. Cleansing ritual is essential in order to remove the dirt, excessive oil and impurities from your skin. But we often forget that not every cleanser is created equally. Cleansers are basically to make you feel fresh and free from all the build-up of dirt and impurities. Most of the cleansers can strip out moisture from your skin after application, shift to a cleanser which can lock moisture in the skin. Look for products which are non-comedogenic, have pH 3.5, hyaluronic acid and active ceramides.

2. Moisturize well


Moisturizer well enough to lock all the moisture in the skin. The hot showers strip off natural oils from the skin and face. It is important to hydrate the skin after shower to lock in the moisture and keep it supple. Moisturizing right after having a shower is ideal because the skin is still damp and the cream or the lotion can penetrate well. Ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea butter, etc. will impart softness to the skin while repairing the skin from dry and harsh winter weather.

3. Use SPF

No matter what weather it is, SPF is a must. Sun rays are harmful and cause premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles earlier than expected. It is advisable to wear SPF in every weather, even though the sun is not prominent in winters. An SPF of 30 if you are only heading out in sun for traveling to work will take care of your skin while if you are out and about in sun for an entire day an SPF of 50+ is necessary. While it is also important to reapply it every 3-4 hours.

4. Invest in a humidifier

winter skincare

With warm clothes, warm drinks and the warm environment surrounding in the cold weather, the skin can lose its moisture and lose its elasticity. While sitting around fireplace sounds like a warm, fuzzy feeling, it can do a lot more damage than you think. It is best to invest in a cool mist humidifier as it will keep the environment cool and let your skin breathe moisture. It will be a great addition to your bedroom as when you sleep it will help your skin breath and keep it in good shape.

5. Take shower/bath

Long, hot showers feel amazing in bitter, cold weather, although the side effects are worse for your skin. Long showers will strip down natural oils from your skin and make it dry and patchy. Excessive exposure to hot showers can make you feel good for a while but it is advisable to take showers for 10 minutes or less and keep the water temperature lukewarm to maintain the moisture in the skin.

6. Exfoliate

It is said that you shouldn’t exfoliate dry skin, well it is partly true. Dry skin is nature of your skin while with right skincare it can be tackled and manageable. Exfoliation is necessary in order to remove dead skin cells from the skin as they uppermost layer of the epidermis (skin). Exfoliation is a way of removing dead cells and rejuvenating the skin for newer cells. Always use gentle hand while using physical exfoliation.

7. Carry a lip balm

lip balm

Lip balm is one beauty/skincare item we never leave the house. It is omnipresent everywhere and it sure does it work very efficiently. Lip balm will take care of your dry and chapped lips. Lip balm contains Shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, and vitamin E among others. These ingredients will make lips soft and supple. Also look for a lip balm with SPF for sun protection.

8. Moisturize cracked and chapped areas

We all have dry and chapped areas all over our body and especially in winter time they are aggressively dry and flaky. A heavy moisturization is necessary in order to keep them soft. Knees, elbows, heels, and hands are often the driest part of our body. You can invest in good hand cream to keep your hands moisture during the daytime. While for feet, moisture them and wear socks in the night.

9. Stay hydrated

Apple Smoothie


Uppin’ your water intake game is necessary to keep your body working and maintaining optimum body temperature and to flush out the toxins. Drinking enough water will keep you well hydrated in addition with proper winter skincare products.

1 0.Use right kind of makeup

Makeup or no makeup, removal of any time of makeup/skincare is crucial. Micellar water great for removal of makeup and they hydrates your skin too. While choosing makeup for winter, choose more hydrating base products which will allow your skin to breathe. Also go for lip balm, lip gloss or hydrating lipstick rather than liquid lipstick as they tend to dry out the lips.



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