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10 Summer Hacks To Stay Cool At Home Without AC

It is just easy and convenient to start the AC and enjoy the cool breeze. But this isn’t always the solution to beat the heat. With summer heat killing us every day, a long-term solution is a must.

Making some DIY and some small changes in your home, you can spend and enjoy the summer with fun without shooting up your electricity bill. Read on to know more how you can keep your home cool without AC in summer:

1. Keep The Blinds Closed

cool houses

Starting with the simplest of all, and easiest to follow. Keeping blinds closed can save you from burning heat of the summer. About 30% of unwanted heat comes through windows, to manage that heat using curtains and shades can make a saving of 7% on electricity bills.

Also keeping the blinds closed will essentially block all the heat from coming inside the house and try to maintain the room temperature.

2. Doors Matters


If you have a huge house, keeping unused room door closed will help in maintaining the room temperature. It will prevent the cool air which is circulating to dilute with the warm air from the heat. It will help as the day get cooler through the sunset, the natural air flow will keep your house cooler for a longer time.

3. Invest In Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains

Black or dark coloured curtains potentially block sunlight very well and keep your rooms naturally insulated. The report shows that neutral coloured curtains with white plastic backing will reduce the heat gain up to 33%.

4. Ice Ice baby

ice cubes

This trick works wonders with a table fan. Fill up a bowl with ice and preferably with an ice pack to keep it cooler for a longer time. The instant feeling of faux sea freeze, teleporting you to a cooler destination within minutes.

5. Switch Your Bedsheets


Switching up bedsheets can change your bedroom within seconds, also it is a great way to keep the bedroom cool. While fabrics such as flannels sheets, fleece blankets are great for winter as they provide insulation and keep you warm.

But for summer days, cotton are apt, they not only provide cooling environment but lighter colours look soothing to the eyes. Also if you could find buckwheat pillow, they are natural coolant and let body temperature cool.

6. Cool Down Your Body Temperature


Summers can be fun if you know exactly how to make the most out of it. From sipping coconut water to having cool mocktails, you can have plenty options to survive the heat.

Coconut water is an excellent drink and provides intense hydration at once. Also with that incorporating cotton and linen clothing can help you let cool your body. Also always keep yourself hydrated with water.

7. Set The Fan Anti-clockwise

It is not talked about, but the trick can help a lot. You can adjust your ceiling fan seasonally. You can set the fan counterclockwise in summer, this kind of setting creates cooler air and gives out wind-chill effect.

8. Sleep Low

cool room

Sleeping closer to the floor will make your body temperature fall down to an acceptable temperature where you feel cool and at peace. Placing mattress closer to the floor can ensure sound sleep.

9. Set Out Exhaust Fans


Keeping on exhaust fans of bathrooms and especially in the kitchen can ensure in pulling out hot air and keeping the room temperature optimal.

10. Make Long-term Improvements

All the above points are last-minute changes you can do to make the sure the house gets cooler in no time, but making some long-term changes can be wise.

Tinted window panes, opening windows at night, switching to more energy efficient light bulbs, etc. are some of the examples which will help in reducing electricity bills and help you with dealing the summer.

Hope these 10 Tips are useful and helps you to enjoy this season!



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