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10 Questions To Ask Your Partner Before Tying The Knot

Weddings are dreamy!!

Everything related to weddings is colorful, kitschy, over the top, shiny and blingy. And when mundane life hits back, that’s when you realize marriage is much more than that. Marriage is two people wanting to live together and never give up and showering unconditional love and support.

But with modern-day marriage, where both husband and wife hustle harder for a better life and hence the duties are equally distributed.

While getting there to know your partner and deciding that he or she is the one, may you ask them about things that otherwise you may not casual ask them?

Following are top 10 questions to ask your partner before tying the knot


Earlier the finances weren’t a big issue, parents decided who will be your life partner and kids happily accepted the fate.

While things have changed for better a man and a woman can/should be able to choose their life partner. With that being said a woman is free to choose her career too and if we see around us we can see so many influential ladies doing great for themselves.

That when finances come in picture. Knowing how much your partner earns and what he or she spends on is not a bad thing.

It is better to know in advance what you are getting into like debts, liabilities, and indulgences such as online shopping.


Very important to discuss kid or kids.

No matter how modern you are or your thoughts are, having a child of your own might have crossed your or your mind at least once.

Parental and societal pressure is also inevitable. The least is you can do is to ask whether having a child is what requires to be a complete family.

And the questions can follow if yes then one or multiple, secondly if no kids at all then what if not now is adoption a solution.


Modern or not, knowing household chores is a must. God forbidden, if one of you is ill for a long period of time, are you going to order in from the restaurant every day?

Knowing household chores isn’t restricted to cooking, a house needs time and attention rather than décor and exquisite luxury items.

Cleaning, dusting, mopping, laundry, etc. are ground level work and knowing for a fact that both are busy in professional lives, a maid can do all this.

But for days when everything fails, your own hands do the trick. Helping your partner in household chores won’t demean you, it will only bring you closer.


There is thin borderline between boring and not leaving the house at all.

A marriage can be successful without vacation too but leaving all the worries behind switching off from a virtual world, relive some moments for yourselves isn’t a bad idea.

A vacation can let you live some moments from your pre-wedding time and may be potential rekindle the love you have been losing while you both being busy with everyday work. So guys, take a vacation at least a year.


In Indian culture the girl doesn’t marry only the boy, she marries the entire family. So if you are going into a joint family or will be living with your in-laws, be prepared.

Every girl wants the house of her dreams and if you see that’s not going to happen, it can create a lot of tension after marriage. Living with parents or moving out should be discussed beforehand to avoid any tension afterward.


Like we just discussed, the house plays a crucial part in your conversation.

Budget Plan To Buy A House

If buying the house is the conversation, you should think about the commute time for both of you while renting is concerned, who will pay and how much should be discussed openly.


No love is complete without physical intimacy. Sex revolve around the person you want to give it all. While we aren’t just talking about wild and weird sex fetishes, here we are mature enough to talk about past sex partners and possible interaction with unprotected sex.

It is of utmost importance to talk about things which may be under wraps but don’t hesitate, ask for your own health.

8.Beliefs and ideologies

Even if you married into your caste and community, beliefs and ideologies still remain a topic of discussion. One of you may be religious while the other is not.

While we are talking about ideologies, talk about equality and feminism, whether your partner is comfortable with what you stand for.

No one can actually measure you as to how good a person you are with the amount of time you go to pray or to holy places.

9.Socialize or not

If your partner likes to be home after a long day of work, he or she is not an introvert. Knowing the preferences of your partner about how often to attend your friends and family is important.

Socializing is part of your lifestyle choices, it is about escaping from work tension and slipping into a more casual environment.

Knowing whether to go out occasionally or staying home and watching a movie or to call friends over should be discussed.


With busy life with so much work to prove your worth in your work field, we often take our health lightly. No matter how good your metabolism is, having some form of exercise in your busy routine is a must.

If possible workout together so that you get some extra time with your partner. With that being said, knowing past and current health concerns is crucial.

Diabetes, heart problems and other genetic disorders can affect anyone at any age, it is crucial to know your partner health concerns.



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