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10 Bad Brain Damaging Cooking Habits You Should Stop Doing

Yes, we all are busy and nobody likes to hit the kitchen after coming from long hours of work and commute. With the erratic schedule, the most important thing which is neglected the most is your eating habits.

Sure, you don’t eat in a restaurant every day but half of the week its take out or casual dinners can add up to a lot.

Also, cooking for a single person or someone who isn’t self-proclaimed cooking expert will always shy away from cooking meals as it is daunting and doesn’t make sense in their brain.

But eating food, which is, nutritious food is necessary for overall well-being.

A take out just requires a single phone call and making a one-pot recipe might take 10-15minutes of your day.

It is all about priority!

Make your health your priority, getting sick because eating food at a restaurant won’t be a good idea for your stomach.

We have listed top 10 simple tips to cook and eat healthily in your everyday.

Principle#1: Say yes to meal prep

You have heard this million times but it is true.

When making a certain recipe, the larger part involves prepping, cutting, chopping, etc. save your time on that, so you can throw in some pre-chopped ingredients and enjoy your meal ASAP.

Alternatively, you can also make one or two options of curry or pasta sauce for quick lunch or dinner recipes.

Principle#2: Don’t keep junk in the house

If you don’t have it surrounding you, you won’t eat it.

Simple yet effective. Chips, dips, cookies are made with ingredients which are processed and have a lot of sodium, sugar in it.

While doing grocery shopping, make a list before leaving the house and stick to it.

Principle#3: Choose whole foods over processed

Like we just mentioned, processed food items such as chips, cookies are easily available and cheap too when compared to whole foods because they are made it ingredients which are cheap.

Switch to whole foods such as grains, lentils which are not processed and make a great addition to your meal and make your food tasty.

Principle#4: Try the outer ring technique

This is an excellent trick to use while grocery shopping.

If you closely consider a superstore or a grocery store, the whole foods, fruits, and vegetables, eggs are kept on the outer ring of the store.

Try and stick to this route and you will save your money on junk food while buying only quality food.

Principle#5: Go for nuts and seeds

We all are guilty about binge eating while watching a movie or a series. More often we end up finishing the large family pack chips and then feel guilty about it.

Next time when grocery shopping, buy nuts such as walnuts, almonds, and seeds like pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds.

These are high in good fats and omega 3 which are great for you and keep you full till your next meal.

Principle#6: Use whole grain flour in baking

If bread is your weak part, worry not. The internet has so many great, useful recipes related to the baking.

Whole grains bread tastes wonderful and also provide so much fiber and nutrients.

Also, the market has different types of flours which can be substituted with plain flour for more flavor and better nutritional value.

Principle#7: Count nutrients not calories

If you have decided to eat healthy and putting your every bit of it towards the cause, then you have to stop counting calories as whole foods are high in calories yet fulfilling your appetite hence there will be no overeating or binge eating.

Be mindful of the nutrients you are getting from the food, not the calories. Calories can be burned off while working out. Focus on nutritional eating.

Principle#8: Eat breakfast

No matter what on the Earth happens, never skip your breakfast. It is for a reason it is called breakfast, it is essentially breaking your fast from the previous night.

If you have packed morning schedule make sure to prep overnight oats for next morning or easy breakfast such as yogurt and granola or some bunch of different fruits should keep you full till your next meal.

Principle#9: Be portion aware

It is easy to get carried away with some delicacies and eat them more than what you should eat.

Hence be mindful of how much quantity you are eating.

Consider eating in a smaller plate which psychologically trains your mind that you ate a lot of food or your plate is full.

Also, it can be pre-set in your mind that a certain food item is healthy therefore eating it more won’t cause you harm which is wrong.

Principle#10: Fail, fail but try again

Remember why you made the switch to healthy eating; it will keep you going through the journey.

There will be a lot of incidences, where you want to give up and eat those fries but there will be guilt later on.

You are putting a lot of efforts and you don’t want to give that away so easily.

Follow these 10 GOLDEN Principles to give your whole body a nutritional boost and stay healthy!!



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